Start developing COOL on any platform in 5 minutes!

On top of our daily LibreOffice core archives, we have also added integration support for Gitpod, a cloud based development environment. Now you can start hacking Collabora Online (COOL) in under ~5 minutes! You might want to keep an eye on our Twitter account in case a quick video tutorial comes up in the following days. :wink:

Steps to quick start:

  • Sign-up on with your GitHub account
  • Install the proper extension for your browser
  • Go to COOL repo
  • Click on the green Gitpod button near the top of the GitHub repo page

  • Wait for a few minutes, and you will have a full development environment with COOL already cloned & built, ready-to-start/develop

Screenshot: Gitpod, your development environment for Collabora Online on the cloud

  • Don’t forget to also fork the main repo
  • And set the remote address in .git/config to point to your fork’s address with this command:
git remote set-url origin

Happy hacking! :slightly_smiling_face:

First published on Collabora Online Community Roundup #2