Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #11

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #11

Date: Feb 04, 2021

Next meeting: Feb 11, 2021

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Muhammet, Szymon, Andras, Ezinne, Nicolas Christener, Michael,
Ayhan, Gökay, Aron, Pedro, Padia Rashesh, Pranam, Andreas K, Kendy

Community update (Muhammet)

  • 60+ new contributors since the move to github

  • The next roundup, covering the last ~2 months, is on the way

    • Hope to publish it for the weekend reading, lots to say.
  • FOSDEM this weekend – various talks there

    • everyone welcome to join

CSV handling (Pedro)

  • Have the PR tested & ready to be merged

  • Talked with Rizmut, and found what the problem was:

    • we can clarify the docs in the forum / elsewhere

    • problems building locally due to resources

    • talking about two things

      • one to have the git clone setup

      • also – the local build.

      • gitpod a good alternative here

    • gone through step by step.

  • If no PR today, can push one from Pedro.

  • Is the problem building Collabora Office ? (Michael)

    • think so – not enough RAM (Pedro)

    • are there snapshot binaries we could develop against as an easier flow ?

    • Not particularly hard to do (Andras)

      • a new Jenkins job for that
    • gitpod you can start right away ? (Kendy)

  • Expect that going from gitpod → full builds needs a smooth ramp (Michael)

    • if helps to get packages, willing to use them ? (Kendy)

      • can we avoid disk-space, etc. build time costs there (Michael)
  • very happy with gitpod (Pedro)

    • for his use-case its the best.

    • If a person – already happened with easy-hacks

    • wants to add an icon / use his computer, not touching core

    • might be better.

    • gitpod works – on top of daily core builds – which are archives

      • could replicate that locally.
  • Can do this by downloading the archive without building (Kara)

    • actually – we have instructions for this on our build page.

    • Any way to make this simpler ? (Michael)

      • some built-in script or something ?
    • Pretty straightforward already.

Template Contest (Nicolas)

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Kendy)

  • We have a proposal:

    • no progress on this from last week but:
  • currently working on improving style previews

    • some people complained – lots of styles, hard to find the right one

    • converted this into an list with a scroll-bar, so we can reach all styles quickly

      • beautiful, responsive scrolling.
  • Would love a screencast (Nicolas)

Dynamic changes of Toolbar type (Gabriel)

  • missing him.

Bind Mounting / Hard-linking (Gabriel)

  • Pending a re-work, we have a single jail setup before we spawn children (Michael)

    • so there is less chance for racing.
  • re-render the fonts pre-fork …

CanvasTileLayer bits (Gokay)

  • Merged column and row groups & header rendering to master

    • Now working on the CSS positioning, trying to make them
      position themselves with CSS rules

    • tiles pane – should be shifted when not including row/column headers etc.

  • Need to make it easier to re-position things mobile/desktop/tablet etc.

    • special cases for all of them – but changing to relative posistioning to avoid special cases here.
  • Next is custom scrollbar.

    • Planned this work – but postponed by a few days.
  • Lots more moving of bits to typescript

Icon theming (css class names) (Andreas K)

  • No time this week …

Load testing (Michael)

  • Spent lots of time looking at calc performance & avoiding bogus full-screen invalidations

  • ‘coolstress’ needs improving

Async Saving (Kendy)

  • Lots of re-factoring getting merged to master

  • Splitting states into different classes:

    • status of save in the core

    • status of the up-load too

  • Design talk there on code needed to re-use that

    • patches getting tweaked slightly – hopefully ready for integration soon

Release schedule bits

  • new CODE releases to test some of the new features we have queued

    • FontWork, incremental dialog / JSON update work soon.

    • Then other releases to test async save.

  • COOL will de-couple from that for a bit.

Pull requests in need of attention (Kara)

Is COOL available on Plasma phone (Andreas K)

  • got it this week, and Android & iOS COOL is available.

  • Does it allow you to run Android packages ? (Michael)

    • runs a desktop – with a custom Phone shell.
  • Porting problem (Michael)

    • would be great to find some funding for that.
  • Pine-phone, Pine64 is the organization

Notebookbar scrolling issue #1395 (Andreas K)

  • scrolling not working after change in CSS for better alignment

  • issue with the notebookbar container – now called table-cell, not table

  • Pedro / Szymon to take a look.

Invalidation Debugging (Padia Rashesh)

  • tripple click in help→about …

  • having another check-box in the palette so it doesn’t flash in the sidebar on invalidation (Michael)

  • have a build working, already solved several issues.

  • Added some more details on comment pieces (Pedro)

ESlint and back-porting (Kara)

  • perhaps relax the rules on 6.4 to avoid warnings when back-porting

  • or back-port the patches on 6.4 – so they will have the same versions …

    • lots of cosmetic changes
  • Better to avoid large cosmetic changes backporting.

  • Can we test back-port more and test things in the next CODE (Michael)

    • probably we could merge them next week (Andras)

    • and pull lots of safe things into there like this

  • Should Szymon merge partial updates now ? (Kendy)

    • yes lets get that in now (Andras)

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 11:00 am (UTC)