Your first pull request

Hello :wave:
Here is a recipe to push your contributions to Collabora Online repository:

  1. Fork the repository forkit
  2. Head over and generate or add your SSH key
  3. Clone your forked repo with git clone
  4. Follow the build instructions
  5. Switch to a new local branch with git checkout -b MyFirstPR
  6. Do you changes, rebuild & test etc.
  7. Commit your changes with git commit -a -m "Fix issue #XXX: A sensible commit subject")
  8. Push your new branch to your forked repo git push -u origin MyFirstPR
  9. Go to the online repository and you’ll see a button Compare & pull request, click it.
  10. Click Create pull request
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Thanks Pedro,

As I didn’t build COOL (Step 4), my step 4 is:
4. ./scripts/refresh-git-hooks than cp .git-hooks/commit-msg .git/hooks/commit-msg