Status report: consultancy team, week 17, 2024


  • mtune=generic is x86_64 specific
  • fortify warnings on no-opt file
  • coverity warning in online

apt-get install flex bison libelf-dev libunwind-dev libdwarf-dev
libdw-dev binutils-dev libdwarf-dev libunwind-dev libzstd-dev
libaudit-dev libiberty-dev libslang2-dev systemtap-sdt-dev
libssl-dev libperl-dev libnuma-dev libbabeltrace-ctf-dev
tar xf linux-4.20.16.tar.xz
cd linux-4.20.16/tools/perf
make -C .
./perf --whatever


** Exporting multiple consecutive spaces to ReqIF-XHTML
*** Hacked a bit on this
** tdf#160253
*** This one is complex
*** In fact, this just uncovered a pre-existing problem
*** Found a leftover from paragraph mark re-implementation work
** tdf#160253
*** Have a patch
** SVG rendering issues in Writer
*** They approved the estimation
*** Working on this, and “Text rendering during Draw PNG export”
** SVG rendering issues in Writer
** Text rendering during Draw PNG export
*** Working on these
** SVG rendering issues in Writer
** Text rendering during Draw PNG export
*** Working on these


PDF Reader - Create comments / add notes – improve slide & draw commenting

  • Added isAnnotationObject to SdrObject
    • the idea is that any object can be considered as an annotation, not
      just the AnnotationObject
    • the AnnotationObject will only replace the current pop-up comment
    • but other SdrObjects (SdrTextObj for example) will be used for PDF
    • the annotation functionality will be added into the SdrObject and
      SdrView core
      • some also into impress/draw code
  • Checked how MSO PowerPoint annotations work so we can be compatible
    with that
    • will add hasAnnotation or something similar to the SdrObject as well
    • all objects can have an annotation associated
    • so there are 2 concepts - SdrObject has an annotation or acts like
      an annotation
    • they are conceptually very different but not necessarily exclusive
  • Disabling selection for annotation objects, also disabling other things
    • like selection, adding to navigator,…

PDF Reader - Accessibility view – bringing checker sidebar to Online

  • Switched to this as it is a regression in 24.04
  • Managed to added the accessibility checker sidebar to online
    • not much needed to be done, but there are issues
    • the sidebar doesn’t update in online, but the update is triggered
      • online accessibility checker triggers the update
      • at that time the accessibility checker is run again and the
        content of the sidebar (a box) is removed and added again
      • in online nothing happens however - investigating why and how to fix
    • another problem is that some a11y issues text in the sidebar are
      links, which, when clicked, show you the place of the issue in the document
      • the links aren’t shown in online - they are just plain text
      • without that it is a bit hard to know where the issue is located
        in the document
      • the exact place also visually marks (blinks) in desktop - we
        probably should also mark the issue in a way, so the user knows where
        the issue is
      • (not sure blinking the location is a good thing however - better
        marking it)


Worked on: