Status report: consultancy team, week 24, 2024



  • Crash on load issue
    • In the end, decided to implement a new loop control
    • Have a fix, testing
    • Fixed; backporting
  • Assistance Functionalities: Tables: Add notes to slides should be possible
    • Debugging session isolation
    • Intermittent power problems
    • Found the place
    • Have a fix
    • Added icons for buttons
    • Merged the changes to the core master
    • Have backports to co-24.04
    • Added an optimization for a huge ‘if … else if …’ chain in InterceptLOKStateChangeEvent


PDF Reader - Creating markers / highlights

  • backporting the code to co_24-04
  • fixing issues from CI and test failures
  • stamp annotation
  • line, fill transparence
  • fix annotation positioning
  • fix annotation information syncing in some cases
    • changing annotation text needs to change the object text
  • add undo when syncing annotations with annotation objects


Worked on: