Status report: consultancy team, week 44, 2023




First-page header and footer from and to DOCX:

  • Fix issue where the header or footer can be defined, but are essentially
    • in this case it’s as if the header of footer isn’t set at all
    • we enable sharing of first, left and right when start to import a header
      or footer
    • but now we need to remove sharing when we detect a header or footer is
    • another issue is that a separate first page has only one property
      controlling both header and footer
      • so enable first page sharing back only when header and footer are both
      • which means we need to remember the state if first header / footer was
        set separately
  • Fix more RTF tests, so they are imported correctly
  • Mark test cases that have been fixed, so later those can be pooled into
    one header/footer test
    • also change the names form testTdfxxxxx (the bug number) to what the
      test case is and write the description of what is being tested if necessary
    • some test will also need to be extended or rewritten to make better