Status report: consultancy team, week 20, 2024



** Font color is lost when exporting LO Draw document as WMF
*** An unexpected regression
*** Actually, a problem from backporting 3f2d56d486da2006e24444cfa6f2f63700a14fae
*** Debugging
*** Two code paths: e.g., Math simply calls OutputDevice::DrawStretchText, which relies on text renderer actually scaling the text according to its font’s properties (and is limited to
the integers in the font, so can’t be too precise); OTOH, VclProcessor2D::RenderTextSimpleOrDecoratedPortionPrimitive2D does scaling itself
**** It seems that RenderTextSimpleOrDecoratedPortionPrimitive2D used to pass the “undo scaling” in the DXArray
**** Trying to restore that part
*** Restoring DXArray way doesn’t help: it’s integer-based; the increased accuracy in cc3663bbaed4f65d64154e5f9abb51a5f622f710 made the integers inadequate
*** Trying to change DXArray to doubles
*** Changing DXArray to doubles breaks tests everywhere
*** looking for an alternative way to pass the “do not scale” info from drawing layer to the DirectWrite rendered
*** Looks so obvious now in the hindsight - as with all great ideas
*** Implementing storing the “do not scale” flag directly to OutputDevice
*** Then to SalLayout
** Style autonumbering fails to apply and undo does not work
*** I see the problem, but not every time
*** It seems it depends on misclicking when scrolling through the style list in the notebookbar
*** Found the specific combination of styles in document and in notebookbar to repro
*** Fun: it also is repro using other means
*** Can repro even on desktop
*** Building a minimal reproducer
*** Bibisected
*** Filed tdf#161172
*** Fixed
*** Backporting to co-24.04


PDF Reader - Create comments / add notes – improve slide & draw commenting

  • Extended PDF import with free text support
    • used a SdrRectObj for it
    • read and set the rectangle size and position
  • Preparing for bigger refactoring

PDF Reader - Accessibility view – bringing checker sidebar to Online

  • changed populate method to be async
    • didn’t have much of an effect - the dialog still doesn’t show up
  • added an update button which shows up when the sidebar is invoked
    • when update button is clicked, we populate and hide the update button
    • prepared a patch for 24.04


  • mentoring Darshan
  • making the ruler in core send sane values to online


Worked on: 160984 – FILEOPEN DOCX: endnote is on separate page, not inline