Status report: consultancy team, week 21, 2024


  • collect various big test docs
  • work on slurp queue dynamic timeout adjustment
  • fix AsyncDNS crash seen from auto crashmail
  • missing slides regression
  • some more on slurp queue dynamic timeout adjustment
  • sketch out creating writer anno win synchronously
    during reply so create and reply could be bundled together
    for undo
  • explore some reasons for timeout/delay
  • rejig timer for slurp, cypress tests fall over though
  • ResizeObserver does appear as a theme in these things
  • add a patch to explain BadArgumentException better on seeing
    some of these in logs
  • help out with how to call Undo in calc
  • ofz#68840 another putcontig8bitYCbCr22tile heap buffer overrun thing


  • DOCX rendering issues
    ** Working on 3) Tables are cut off on the left hand side
    *** Border element handler sets all attributes, including those that aren’t set in the element - needs optional setting
    *** But Word actually ignores the paragraph attributes in parent table style! So inheritance needs tweaking
    *** Additionally, the paragraph attributes must not convert into cell attributes!
    *** Maybe we must split cell attributes from things like PROP_BOTTOM_BORDER in sw/source/writerfilter/dmapper/PropertyIds.hxx
    *** Created several reproducers
    *** Working on a patch
  • Assistance Functionalities: Tables: Add notes to slides should be possible
    ** Added a button for notes view
    ** It renders, but no interaction
    ** Debugging
  • Calc: Chart labels not or partially shown (TDF#161222)
    ** Aron provided a workaround patch
    ** It is actually the awaited problem, which we had discussed with Miklos, that it was unclear why other backends were unaffected…
    ** Debugging
    ** This seems to not be a problem of wrong scaling
    ** The text gets wrong starting point
    *** Hundreds of pixels!
    ** Comparing with and without the scale correction
    ** The starting point coordinates looks unchanged, and the scale is only slightly changed (must not give that much a difference)
    ** Checking the numbers in the whole call stack
    ** Can’t find a point where the seemingly correct coordinates become wrong
    ** Using watchpoints, and printing the values, looks legit all the time
    ** Stuck
    ** Fall back to the workaround
    ** Created backports to libreoffice-24-2, and co-24.04
  • Assistance Functionalities: Tables: Add notes to slides should be possible
    ** Back to it
    ** The problem is in FuDraw::MouseButtonDown
    *** aMDPos = mpWindow->PixelToLogic( rMEvt.GetPosPixel() );
    ** The aMDPos gets wrong value, thus later it doesn’t match coordinates of objects → mouse clicks don’t match the objects
    ** Compared to normal view: in normal view, the window MapMode has mbMap set to false
    ** Trying to find where it is set to false (or to true in notes view?)
    ** Trying to read commit logs (where was Master View introduced in LOK?)
    ** Seeing that having a parallel session in normal view: a selection in normal view is shown as “other user selection” frame indication in the notes view - needs something to disambiguate


PDF Reader - Create comments / add notes – improve slide & draw commenting

  • made delete annotation, delete all work again
  • fix undo / redo for annotations
    • TODO: test
  • fixed highlight annotation, so it is working again
  • fixed selection of an annotation
    • trigger annotation pop-up when not dragging
  • TODO: properly update annotations when we change text, size and/or position
    PDF Reader - Accessibility view – bringing checker sidebar to Online
  • done


Worked on: