Status report: consultancy team, week 36, 2023


  • websocket urp hacking
  • websocket urp fix one issue with a full pipe blocking on
    flush, we just want to accumulate bytes so don’t need a pipe anyway.
  • websocket thing works quite well now with core hacked to avoid
    a SolarMutex deadlock. Enough to run various JODTConverter demos
    suggested as representative of what’s needed.
  • prep a patch for JODTConverter to add websocket support to have
    that ready to submit as a PR when ready
  • consider socket poll + SolarMutex deadlock for a lengthly
    • what a complete pain
  • fix up tdf#1540631, a regression in autocorrect dialog to at
    least knock something low hanging off the regression count
  • to fix breakage
    since commit 92b6ffcd9f687cc54a0fc3801ca85c7e4d77512f
    “Allow selecting a custom certificate manager”
  • COOL Weekly Meeting



  • Exporting multiple consecutive spaces to ReqIF-XHTML

    • On it
  • Writer: Not all content controls are marked

    • Fixed in master
    • Backported to co-23.05 and co-22.05


  • Worked on “Improved easy to use conditional formatting UI”, created
    a menu bar for the new UI and an initial popup to make it easier to use
    based on the mockup in the task comments.
  • Fixed “Read-only shared document does not immediately show fonts”
    canonical id related regression and cypress test regression.


Regression fixing tdf#147704 :

  • looking to make a test for this
    • not so easy to recreate a similar TIFF file with the same regression

Regression fixing tdf#154138 :

  • setWidth should be setHeight
  • refactoring regression

First-page header and footer from and to DOCX

  • research how the first, left, right is stored in OOXML
  • created a minimal document for tests and research
  • trying to understand the export code for header/footer to OOXML


-157119 – Third part of multi-page floating tables “Third part of multi-page floating tables”

  • see the bug for details