Status report: consultancy team, week 40, 2023



  • Superfluous rows in table when exported to ReqIF
    • The first (original) problem fixed


First-page header and footer from and to DOCX:

  • setting the first, left/right properties to the page style can work
    for each use case
    • but doesn’t work when combined
    • can also be influenced in other way, like the order and different
      combinations of first/left/right properties set
    • interesting it is influenced at what order the properties are set
      to the page style
      • need to set shared to false and later re-enable to work properly
    • need to figure this out - probably need to first figure out what
      kind of headers/footers are in the document
      • then set them in second pass
    • it worked when we only had left/right, because first was a separate
      page style so this case could be worked around
    • but now this can’t be done in this way anymore