Status report: consultancy team, week 50, 2023



  • tdf#158556
    • Part of it is my regression in some fix for tdf#133560
    • Performance bug
    • A pathological document with hundreds of images
    • Investigating
  • tdf#158556
    • Found a way to speed it up (but not completely)
    • Noel reminded me about measuring the speed-up
    • Tested; updated commit message
    • Pushed


video playback on iOS, macOS when full-screen presentation

  • Searched and read a lot about this issue
    • there are ways to work around it but none worked
    • no good workaround really exists - depends on what your situation
    • pretty annoying issue
  • No other choice but need to find a solution on my own
    • easiest is to put the video to 0,0 first and find a solution to
      revert that
    • reverse engineering the transformations done and apply the correct
      transformations instead
    • issue is partially because of the SVG width and height and viewbox
    • seems like content of foreignObject is using those values like
      they are pixels
    • reverting scaling is easy but the position is important too
    • scaling is done in the middle of the object, so we need to adjust
      that to be the top-left point (move the object for 1/2 the size)
    • this way the position is not affected
    • then reapply to the correct position and add the adjusted size back
    • seems this works