Testing locally with external devices and firewall

This is intended to be an aid for developers and enthusiasts that use firewalld* and want to test / debug their local instance of Collabora Online with other devices such as a tablet, smartphone etc.


First make sure that your loolwsd.xml has the correct configuration and that it is allowing connections and that the storage is enabled. For more information check the loleaflet/README
make sure you are allowing connections within that local network


  1. Open your firewalld. For example on OpenSUSE by going to : Yast > Yast firewall
  2. Inspect which zone you have set in your preferred interface (read more firewalld zones) different zones have different permissions. In this example Iā€™m using one interface dedicated for testing (not connected to the internet and thus zones like internal or trusted are ok)
  3. Navigate to the preferred Zone and make sure to add http and https services
  4. Switch to Ports tab and add the Collabora Online port 9980
  5. Turn off and turn on your connection

firewalld ships by default on the following Linux distributions: CentOS; Fedora; OpenSUSE; Red Hat Enterprise Linux; SUSE Linux Enterprise