User ID and/or friendly name while editing a document

I’ve seen on the online demo that when editing a document, my username appears on the screen where the cursor is and I see all names of people editing the same document as me and where their cursor is located.

When I do this on my own instance, i just have localhost:1 or localhost:2.
It’s an instance where collabora is accessed through apache proxy link on a centos 8 server.

I’m wondering how my web developers can setup friendly user name when one of our internal users access collabora through the loleaflet URL ?
Is it a parameter passed on the loleaflet url ?
Should there be an initiating connection first with any other mecanism ?

Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi @fcalleja ,

As far as I know there is no way to pass the user name via URL parameter. However that string is available CheckFileInfo response properties called UserFriendlyName. More info on Advanced integration — SDK documentation

Hope that helps!