Ask Anonymous Users in Editing for a (Nick)Name

Hi everybody,
If I share a document with a link to “anonymous Users”, these anonymous Users are not asked for a Nickname or something, before they start editing the Document. Is there an Option to ask for a mandatory Nickname? If not, could we please get this Option in future Releases of Collabora.
And if there is an Option for it: Where do I activate this?
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Hey @jamfx. Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Hmm… I know it’s already a feature built into Nextcloud’s version.

When users first visit the document link, they are greeted with a username page LOOKING LIKE THIS.

After typing in a name + hitting button, they get forwarded to the document.

It’s already there.

But I believe this is something left to each “Integrator”.

You can read more about this in these sections of the Collabora Online SDK:

For example, the:

  • UserId = A string value uniquely identifying the user currently accessing the file.
  • UserFriendlyName = The name of the user, suitable for displaying on the UI.

And, just for future reference…

What’s your current version info in:

  • Help > About


  • How did you install Collabora? (Docker?, etc.)
  • What were you trying to do with your use-case?
    • Sharing a document with some friends?

No problem. Thanks again for the question/s. :slight_smile:

Side Note: On the Nextcloud<->CollaboraOffice side of things, I think this is the exact file where they do their username login page:

Perhaps that might give you a few more coding ideas too.

For example, around line 95, they currently have:

$.widget('oc.guestNamePicker', {
	_create() {
		text.innerHTML = t('richdocuments', 'Please choose your nickname to continue as guest user.')
		const nick = '<input type="text" placeholder="' + t('richdocuments', 'Nickname') + '" id="nickname" style="flex-grow: 1; border-right:none; border-top-right-radius: 0; border-bottom-right-radius: 0">'

Ok, the attached Screenshot looks exactly like the Mask I am looking for.
I am using the Collabora in a Docker, maintained by a good friend, who knows about Docker Magic… (I don’t know enough about Docker, to manage it.)
I will point him out to this thread and hope, that he can activate this somehow.
For now: If I share a document. The user is not prompted to any mask and bumps directly into the Document and is named “Anonymous User”. And I want the Nicknames, like shown in the Screenshot.
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