Using extensions in Collabora Online

I would like to know if there is a way to install plugins (oxt files) in Collabora Online. I tried and got a Java error. Looking through the configuration files it seems libreoffice is built without java for the docker image.

Do I need to build myself with java enabled, or will extensions just not work at all?

Yes - the way we try to optimize memory usage for multiple users is unlikely to work with Java without quite some significant testing & work - if you’d like to experiment with that it would be interesting to know the results - or mail me if you’d like some consultancy on it. No doubt with OpenJDK we could make it work - but for now StarBasic and/or python oxts are likely to work better.

I see. I am trying to set up a server for home usage 2 users at most for now. The plugin I want is called LibreGrammar which is a fork of LanguageTool that has a lot of the premium stuff added back in. I wonder if it can be configured to use a server like the Chrome plugin and maybe lessen the code enough to port to Python.

At any rate, I will probably go ahead and experiment with enabling java. Thanks for the info.