Very slow performance on Android when switching away from and then back to the app

Recently I started using LibreOffice on my desktop and switching everything over to the Open Document standard, so I started also using Collabora Office on my phone. I’ve encountered an issue when working with spreadsheets on my phone that I’m hoping someone can help with.

When I open an ODS file, whether it’s local to the phone or on another computer in the network, it takes a little while to open, but after a few seconds it seems to be ok to use. If I power off the screen of the phone or switch away from the app to something else and back again it is completely unusable for a good 10-15 seconds every time. I can’t select any of the cells for a while, then even when I can I can’t type anything for another while, then it seems ok. This happens consistently. I’ve tried clearing the cache of the app and setting the battery optimization to off, but it keeps happening. Does anyone know if this is a current issue with the app or something to do with my setup?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S22, Android 13
Collabora: v


For the benefit of engineers who may look at this. I am using on an iPhone 12 iOS 16.5, I created a new spreadsheet with minimal information, I powered the screen off and back on it continues to edit immediately. If I close Collabora Office and re-open the spreadsheet it starts and opens in a second, so I do not experience either of these symptoms. I believe that is pre-release.

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I’ve discovered something that seems to help a bit. What I was doing before was tapping the edit button, making some changes to the sheet, then pressing the power button on my phone to sleep the screen. What I found was that if I make a change or changes to the sheet, then tap the check mark icon in the top left of the screen to take the sheet out of edit mode, then sleep the phone or switch to a different app for a little while that seems to work a bit better. Collabora seems to respond faster as long as I haven’t left it for a long time (say around 10-15 minutes). There’s still some delay even when using this new method, but it’s not as long.

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