Spreadsheets and documents exhibit slow and choppy scrolling

Running GrapheneOS on a Pixel 5a, MS Office and LibreOffice files are slow and choppy to scroll through, whereas the same files opened on Microsoft Word and Excel Android apps are smooth and fast. Are there any tweaks anyone can recommend for a smoother experience?

Hi @Learn, I can’t help, but out of interest are you using locally installed Android “Collabora Office” app, or web based “Collabora Online”?

Hello, I’m using the Collabora Android app.

The Android version of Collabora Spreadsheet is not just slow and choppy scrolling, but very basic efficiency aspects are missing which are present in the Android version of MS Excel. For example:

  • When opening a spreadsheet, it does not start at the place of the previously edited cell, but at the very beginning of the spreadsheet (which just compounds the slow and choppy scrolling issue).
  • Every time I switch to a new cell the onscreen keyboard disappears and I have to tap in the edit box to make it reappear.
  • Repeat entries (like customer names and addresses) are not remembered and have to be typed in new every time (in MS Excel I just simply type the first letter or two of a previously entered word or phrase and the suggestion appears).
  • Tapping on a number-only cell produces the standard QWERTY onscreen keyboard, not the numeric keyboard.

Hi @Learn these are 5 great examples of areas for improvement for the Collabora Office app on the Android phone, will you be able to add them to Issues · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub, but first searching to make sure they are not there already?