Video windows doesn't switch between participants while editing a shared document

Hello there :slight_smile:
We have a possibility to share a document while speaking through Talk.
If we proceed to editing the document, the “Talk” window with participants collapses to a small size (like preview).
After collapsing the window shows only one person and doesn’t switching between him and others even if the chosen guy is keeping silence.
So it doesn’t work with 3+ participants as expected.

Hey @templier2,

Looks like you posted an issue at Github too:


Could you please:

  • Show a few screenshots (or video) of what you are seeing?
  • Tell us what “Talk” is?
    • (Is this an app? A website? Chat Program?)
  • List some step-by-step instructions.
  • Your exact Help > About info.
    • (There’s a “Copy” button in the window!)

It’s a little tough understanding your initial post, but once we get some good info, we can probably look into fixing it. :slight_smile:

Hello @Tex ,
I am so sorry for the late reply, having vacation…

“Talk” is the integrated App in the Nextcloud, which can be used for the communication (chat/audio/video calls) up to 5 participants.
So we install it, enabling the related Nextcloud Talk App, and we could use it with Collabora Office.

COOLWSD version: hash: [91c166d]

LOKit version:

Collabora Office hash: [22110b2]

Served by: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) [bff4f423]

Copyright © 2023, Collabora Productivity Limited.

  1. We are running the Talk App and starting the video call
    open talk app
  2. We are sharing any document
    (I will attach a screenshot later)
  3. Then we are opening it, hence we are moving to the collabora editing window with the small video window.
    (I will attach a screenshot later)
    And in this small video windows we can see only one person, the RR in my case. Even if the only speaking person is EH while RR is keeping silence, we (I and EH) will not see us in such windows - there is only RR for both of us here.
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Thanks for the info and screenshots @templier2!

So, if I’m understanding you correctly…

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run the Nextcloud “Talk” app and start a video call with multiple people (Person A/B/C).
  2. Share any document.
  3. Person A opens the Collabora editing window.
  • The document shares on the big screen.
  • Person A shrinks into a smaller picture-in-picture video.
  1. Person A’s picture-in-picture video will be “stuck”, even if A is silent + B or C talk.

Actual Behavior

At Step 4, Person A’s little video is “stuck”.

Expected Behavior

At Step 4, the video should still swap between A, B, or C, depending on who’s speaking.

Did I get that correct?

If so, this sounds like it might be a Nextcloud “Talk” issue… not Collabora Online.

  • Does this “stuck” picture-in-picture video happen if you share screen with anything else? Or does it ONLY occur with Collabora Online?

I’m not too familiar with how different video sharing tools work, but in my experience:

  • Any time someone is sharing their screen, their screen/video usually takes full priority over the others

… but I am no expert. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Most I usually do is one-on-one sharing or one-main-person-presenting+everyone-else-listening.)

Side Note: If you could make a little video recording showing off the issue too, I think that might be easier compared to lots of text! Once we all get on the same page, I think it’ll make it easier to figure out what the heck is going on and who might need to fix/adjust what! :slight_smile:

Hello @Tex , you are 100% right :slight_smile:
I haven’t tried to test sharing instead of editing a document, so let me test it.

  • Any time someone is sharing their screen, their screen/video usually takes full priority over the others

Let me test it also with my colleagues.
I will make video later and attach it here.
Thank you very much.

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