Community Weekly Meeting #133

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #133

Date: Aug 24th 2023

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  • Michael M, Mike D, Skyler, Oli, Darshan, Andras, Szymon, Rashesh, Aron, Caolán, Gökay

Release schedule

  • Code release for next week
    • code freeze Monday evening.
    • Updated weblate & asked translators to catch-up.
    • Reviewing patches & trying to get everything in for the deadline
    • expect this around the 30th of August.
  • Mobile releases probably early next month
    • Still in the plans – need to get a clear picture of blockers
    • If they exist – asked Ezinne to do some testing.
    • IOS
      • Attila fixed the navigator issues.
    • Android (Rashesh)
      • All PRs are merged
      • New PRs are coming … when we open chart wizard for the 1st time – were getting something empty: fixing that.
        • Another related to dark mode: a new option to change this in mobile view
        • we have a fix for this.
        • Updating some Java dependencies.

Online activity (Pedro)

Forum (Mike D)

These were the key topics:

Still unanswered from two weeks ago:


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