View documents headings/TOC in sidebar?

I would like to see a heading hierarchy/table of content in a sidebar (on the left) (as in OnlyOffice and Google Docs).

Is this possible in Collabora? I’m using a Collabora install through Nextcloud Office.

Hi Seiga,

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At the moment it is not possible to have the outline view (as it is in the Navigator on the desktop) in Online.
But the wish to have it is known, and IIRC some early work on it was already done(?)…
Would you be interested/able to lend a hand, you may find your way here .
And of course: do keep an eye on the updates.


Here specifically, if others are looking:

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Thank you for the Github info, @seigea .

(Can’t wait for that to be implemented in Collabora Online. I love using the Navigator/sidebar in LibreOffice! Makes it so much easier to hop around documents.)