Plans to implement web view?

Libreoffice has a mode called web view, but CODE does not have the equivalent. Are there plans to introduce it? There is also an equivalent in Google Docs, the Pageless page style.

Thanks @crobar for taking the time to research and post your suggestion. I think that is quite interesting idea. As of now I have no additional info on this but we will add it to feature request!

Thanks, it has come up because a colleague likes to use this mode to do things like action lists that can then use a wide table without being cut off.

Worth noting that In the other implementations it is a property of the document, not a view you select each time you use it, so it remembers it is in this mode.

Just chiming in to express my support of this idea. In fact, I have very few documents that would not benefit from this feature, since they are all online-only docs that will never be printed.