Warning "formula separator settings conflict with locale" after update to 24.x


I’ve updated my CODE server, which I use for my Nextcloud instance, to V24.x and now I’m getting the following warning every time I open a spreadsheet:


Spreadsheet language is German, this is also shown in the Collabora status line at the bottom.

I’m not sure what this message will tell me nor how I can get rid of this as it really appears every time, even after saving the spreadsheet in Collabora.

same error on my end after update. only way to get rid of it in my case is to change user language setting from custom language back to default (english), which is not ideal. really need a fix for this, users so far are clicking trough it but they will start complain soon enough.

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention @jacotec + @seba.

Looks like a few other users have the same issue mentioned over on the Nextcloud forums too:

If you could submit a Bug Report to the Collabora Github:

that would be fantastic. :slight_smile:

And I’m posting the exact error here, for easier searchability:

Because the current formula separator settings conflict with the locale, the formula separators have been reset to their default values.

is fixed since 24.04.2 :ok_hand:


Thanks for letting us know the version number! :slight_smile:

And looks like this was the exact issue on the Collabora Github:

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