Search (at the bottom) does not work when typing in Polish language

As in the topic.
Iv got a spreadsheet with some electronic components and I was searching for field “Złącze” (ang. connector) and I didnt find it although it clearly exists.
When I changed “Złącze” to “Zlacze” (without Polish letters) I was able to find it.

Im using Collabora through Nextcloud.


Did you know, or have the possibility to check, if this works on a desktop version of Collabora Office or LibreOffice?

It works in Libre Office.
I dont know if it works in Collabora.

This is a major flaw. I have moved lots of files to Nextcloud and Collabora is not working properly with such basic thing as ‘find’ utility :confused:

Welcome to the forum @godmode I have tested searching that in spreadsheet and everything seems to work fine, both on the latest unstable (master branch) version and also on git hash: deaf0cb so I wonder if it’s not a problem with the encoding system used in that server. What are you using? and could you paste here the logs from coolwsd.log ?

also it seems that you are probably using the built-in CODE (installed from NC store). If that’s the case it seems to be related to proxy.php ignoring the UTF-8 encoded strings or using something else

Meanwhile and with @mmeeksProxy: send explicit charset=utf-8 by mmeeks · Pull Request #4793 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub this should get fixed for everyone using the built-in version.