What version schema do you use?

Initially asked in What version schema do you use? · Discussion #4075 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub , thanks xoxys!


I’m wondering if it is documented somewhere what version schema you use. We use renovate bot to automate our builds and deployments and while the old 6.x version schema was using 4 digits it has now changed to five digits IMO this is pretty confusing especially if it is not really clear what every number means (minor, major, patch, build, …)

If not documented yet, would you mind explaining a bit the used schema?

As announced in the press release: https://www.collaboraoffice.com/press-releases/code-21-11-delivers-key-features-for-secure-easier-and-faster-online-document-collaboration/ :

Starting with CODE 21.11, we are adopting the numbering of our online office suite to the scheme of our desktop product. The version number indicates the year and month of the first release of the current major version. CODE releases a major version annually and updates with fixes and improvements at approximately monthly intervals. As before, the updates are marked with a third consecutive number. We think that this kind of numbering makes it easier for CODE users to keep track of the versions.