Where to get a source rpm from?

Hi forum,

I must use a rather dated glibc, and because of that the provided “coolwsd” rpm package for opensuse will not work.
Now I want to compile the package, but I cannot find a source rpm.
Do you know where to find it?


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I am interested as well.

Hey @mstenzel + @renich ,

Thanks for the questions.

  • Can you give a little more details? (Like exact OS + versions?)

Does this page help you?

That page includes the DEB + RPM files in various formats.

If you needed to build Collabora directly from source, have you tried following the OpenSUSE instructions here:

Could you describe exactly what steps you got snagged on + what the exact errors are?

Hey @Tex, thank you for answering.

I am familiar with the compilation process.

As you might know, SRPMs allow us to repackage/recompile the software for different platforms.

It would make our life much easier to just get the SRPM.

IMHO, it’s a bit odd that the SRPM isn’t available. I imagine that you do not want to share the branding source since it’s distributed with an EULA.

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Ah - so, SPRMs are great - but I suspect we compile the core code (as is done up-stream) by using the internal LibreOffice build system which likes to control the package build process, and spits out packages for both DEB and RPM systems at the end IIRC.

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So, there is no SRPM? At least a spec file would be nice.

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Again - I believe any spec files would be generated - prolly by EPM during the build process cf. EPM we have an inside-out build process instead of an outside-in one for our binaries.

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