Working with documents: Formatting problems

Hi all,

i am very interested in open source apps for education. We use moodle, bigbluebutton, wordpress, openproject etc. but we do have some problems with nextcloud and collaboraonline:

nextcloud 28.0.0
collabora online built in CODE server 23

In several online-courses our students use nextcloud documents to organize their project documents. Working collaboratively on files is fine, but the students have several formatting problems, no matter what browser they use

  • when downloading a docx-file from nextcloud documents, working on that file offline on their computer, uploading that file > formatting is sometimes chaotic.
  • when inserting jpg-files in docx-files > formatting is chaotic
  • etc.

Our it-partner doesn´t know how to solve that problem.

Thank´s for any help.

Do you have some sample files of docx formatting problems ? would be interesting to see. We have another year of work on interop improvements coming in our next annual release 24.04 in the next month or so too.

I asked students for screenshots (?) of current formatting problems - hope to get feedback in time.

Can I send this docx-file to any personal account, or do i have to post this file - or link to this file - in this forum?

Public documents appreciated at - and links back to us if it’s a core file format issue are good, unless you’re a paying customer - when you can mail us documents privately of course :slight_smile:

I got feedback from our students and they are not really happy with nextcloud and collaboraonline.

Yesterday, our it-partner surprisingly sent some ideas to solve the server (?) problems.

Now we will test the updates and some files.

Thank you for your support!