About the working of Collabora Online without Internet (integrated with Owncloud)

Hi all,
As per the need, I have to use Owncloud, integrated with Collabora Online over LAN, without Internet.
Could you guys please tell me whether,

  • Can this work over LAN only?
  • Will this provide various features of spreadsheets like real time collaboration, access control over
    columns etc.?
  • Which type of configuration it needs: using Docker or using Virtual Machine?
    Thanking you in advance.
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Hi Prakhar31s, to the best of my knowledge:

LAN only: Yes, ownCloud with Collabora Online will work on a LAN only, the ownCloud and Collabora Online setup must be on the same LAN as your web browser. A couple of features such as translation do require the Internet.

Features of spreadsheets: Yes, real time collaboration will continue to work with other users on your LAN. I am not sure what you mean by access control over columns, but it will work the same as if the ownCloud and Collabora Online setup was accessed over the Internet.

Type of configuration: A Virtual Machine provides better performance than docker, but docker still works well.

Hope this helps, Rob

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