After editing calc sheet in iPad Collabora, it opens in Windows Libre at 200%

I use Libre Office on Windows. Just got a new iPad Pro 12.9, and happened across Collabora. The calc documents live in iCloud, accessible on both. If I edit one in Collabora, it gets saved looking the same size as it opened. But when I next open it in Libre, it opens with the zoom slider at 200%. And showing cell A1 instead of the last line where I just entered new data.

Not a huge problem, but a repeating hassle… I have no idea what might be getting changed to cause this. The Windows machine uses Microsoft screen scaling at 200%, but Libre deals with that properly. The iPad uses extra large type, but again I’ve never seen that affect any other app.

There must be some bit of data in the file that Libre and Collabora interpret differently. Is this the right place to explore that? Should I report it as a bug?

Hi Loren, it sounds like a bug and you can reproduce it too, I think it would be very helpful if you reported it. I might try to reproduce it tomorrow, if I can reproduce it I will add a comment to your bug report, i.e. it is reproducible on other devices and not a configuration issue on your setup, have a great weekend, Rob

I tried an experiment, using Libre Calc in Arch Linux instead of Windows. Found exactly the same behaviour. Save a sheet in Libre, it reopens in Libre at the bottom row with the last chosen zoom setting. Open it in Collabora, on iPhone or iPad, and it opens at row 1, at a normal zoom. Save and re-open in Collabora and it looks exactly the same. Re-open it in Libre, in Linux or Windows, and it opens at row 1 at 200% zoom.

Surprisingly, this is not a problem for Excel, at least my 2016 version that refuses to authorize any more. It opens the Collabora file at 100% zoom.

For the test file, the Libre save is 9,884 bytes, Collabora save is 7,220 bytes. For a larger file, 370 lines with two columns, the difference is 48,925 bytes to 27,913 bytes! The re-save in Libre takes it back to 49K bytes

Peeking at a diff of the two files, the Libre save begins with “PK … a?ST?l9?.” and has 34 instances of “ST”. The Collabora save begins with "PK … “QT?l9?.” and has 34 instances of “QT”. Does “QT” refer to QT5? Might that matter?

The majority of the content lines show differences… Far beyond my ability to guess what they mean.

Just opened a bug:

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Welcome @LorenAmelang and thanks for testing and reporting it ! Will check this

Hi Loren, fyi this bug was discussed at the weekly meeting Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #61