Community Weekly Meeting #149

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #149

Date: Dec 21st 2023

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Please update your section

pasting “please update your section” from another instance (staging perf):

CSP warning in the console and snackbar appears for a split second right before it disappears

Please let’s test

View jumping

Open spreadsheet in 2 sessions

  1. select some range using mouse
  2. try to drag selected range
  3. when you will see that „selected range“ and „current cell“ are not at the same place – you are done!
  4. in other view go far away
  5. select few rows in second view and then “delete rows”
  6. right click on some row and use “row height” dialog, ok

Result: you jumped to the first view’s selection
Expected: no jump

Better logging for cy.cGet() by neilguertincollabora · Pull Request #7877 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub Better logging for cy.cGet() #7877

Attendees (write your name):

  1. Anna, Ezinne, Caolán, Andras, Cosmin, Timur, Attila, Gulsah, Gökay, Darshan, Bayram, Hub, Aron, Mike D, Skyler, Michael, Vivek, Nicolas, Cosmin, Szymon, Pranam, Julius,Krish Aryan

Making the call shorter

  • Please update your section relating in the document before we read through it.
  • Then only go over anything we need to share / get input on

Release Schedule

  1. CODE 23.05.6 Week 50 Released!
  2. Mobile releases
  3. iOS 23.05.6 planning to release in Jan
    1. Builds are in testflight
  4. Android 23.05.6 planning to release in Jan
  5. need to fix insert → comments on Mobile.
    1. Vivek Has some improvements here
    1. it’s not merged yet
  6. iOS
  7. quick smoke-testing of new build looks good (Nicolas)

AI: Test view jump again next time

Krish Aryan



  • Nothing of relevance; in listening mode.

Online activity

Forum (Mike D)

4 new posts happened this week (3 posts answered by me).

Key topics:

  • Android app: Editing a copy always required for every file - #2 by Tex

    • Android user with file opening / read-only troubles gave a lot more debug info.
    • The problem happens when I open a file directly from the Android file system. The problem doesn’t happen when I open a file from within Collabora Office.”
      • Mike: Will have to test their steps + recommend opening issue on Github.
  • Show table again / Tabelle wieder einblenden

    • Calc: Show/Hide Sheets problem?
    • I wrote a “How to Hide or Show a Sheet in Calc” tutorial with screenshots.
    • UX Note: The “Show Sheet” dialog seems incredibly awkward/clunky. See 3rd screenshot.
    • At least add a title on the popup so you know what it’s supposed to be doing.
    • Buttons should be flipped/renamed from Cancel/Close to Show/Cancel.
      • (Or usual OK/Cancel.)
  • Collabora for Android to import data from URL

  • Lock/write-protect cells in table

    • Write-protected cells in Nextcloud Office Calc.
    • → I answered with a quick workaround of hide/unhide sheets/columns.
      • Unsure on technical details. Hopefully they give more info on their use-case.
  • Last Week Check-in:

  • iOS iPad trackpad support? - #4 by Tex

    • Came back with more iPad + keyboard with trackpad info.
    • Logitech Combo Touch keyboard + iPadOS 17.1.1.
    • Might be some good hardware to get a dev/QA?
      • Skyler: I made a purchase request for an iPad with a keyboard and trackpad, maybe I could look at this when I get it
        • Skyler: Also, this sounds like the sort of thing that might have been fixed with my touch patches… testing on master would be excellent!
    • AI (Pedro): reach out and create staging accounts

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