Android - How to automatically go into next cell when pressing enter

I recently installed this for android, but pressing enter (on keyboard or virtual keyboard) in a spreadsheet after adding data jumps to the next cell, however, typing does nothing unless I tap the cell to enter it. This is annoying. I would like it to behave more like the desktop software. How can I just enter data immediately without having to tap or click the cell?

Hi Lucy, I tried this on a Samsung S8+ smartphone and an 8" Android tablet, I had a similar experience:

Pressing Enter correctly jumps to the next cell, but the virtual keyboard minimises requiring me to have to touch the cell to make the virtual keyboard reappear. I also tried with a Bluetooth keyboard and it behaved oddly.

I’ve created a ticket for this. I believe a newer version is to be released in the next few weeks, let’s see if it gets improved for you.

Thank you for looking into this for me. Hopefully the next update will solve the issue.

If it helps, I’m using a samsung galaxy tab s6 lite.

Trying to influence focus and keyboard behavior on mobile is a bit of a dreadful business I’m afraid.
Not sure when this can be improved.