Disable the inactivity timer

Is there a way to disable the inactivity timer?

We are looking at using a TV for a “heads-up” display to always display a spreadsheet in collabora, but we need to disable the timer so it always shows active changes.

I found in another forum that this might lie in the map.js but I was unable to find it there.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks

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oh that’s sounds cool : )

so as far as I know the easiest way would be to simply edit loolwsd.xml. In the section per_view you can modify the timeout for: out of focus and idle status.

    <per_view desc="View-specific settings.">
        <out_of_focus_timeout_secs desc="The maximum number of seconds before dimming and stopping updates when the browser tab is no longer in focus. Defaults to 120 seconds." type="uint" default="120">120</out_of_focus_timeout_secs>
        <idle_timeout_secs desc="The maximum number of seconds before dimming and stopping updates when the user is no longer active (even if the browser is in focus). Defaults to 15 minutes." type="uint" default="900">900</idle_timeout_secs>
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Awesome, Thank you!

I wonder if there is a maximum value there, or if I can just set it to something really high.

The mobile app uses 1000000.

I am just now getting back around to giving this a try. Any idea where I would find that file in my Nextcloud VM?

So just an update here, I don’t know if Nextcloud uses some sort of different implementation of Collabora but I have tried the install via the pre-compiled VM, installing via snap on Ubuntu Server 20.04 and manually installing on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

The result is always the same, no loolwsd.xml to be found anywhere…

Are you using the Built-in CODE server? That isn’t meant to be configured this way.
If you install CODE via the packages, or using a Docker container, then you can find /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml either in your system, or inside the container.

I actually meant to come back here and update this…

I was finally able to determine that Nextcloud uses a read-only Linux Appimage to install the built-in CODE server.

Once I installed CODE manually I was able to edit the loolwsd.xml, but there actually is 3 places in the file that the timeout need be set… Next time I am logged into that server I will take a look at it in case anyone runs into this in the future.

Yes, the two per_view timeouts mentioned by @pedro.silva above, plus <idle_timeout_secs> under <per_document>, which terminates the session after a fairly long inactivity period (1 hour by default).