Can Collab windows title use the document file name?

Right now all the document editing windows has a windows title Online Editor. Can this be changed? I try to set the windows document title after to the document name but it will be changed to ‘Online Editor’

Hi Gerald,
Can you please be a bit more specific?
I assume you mean a window with a browser running COOL/CODE.
Where do you expect to see that title?
(In my simple test with COOL in Firefox, the window identifies itself with the tab name, which is the document title … :slight_smile: )
Maybe some info on OS, libraries, applications involved?
thnx - Cor

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I upload a screen shot. Note that Browser tab title is ‘Online Editor’. How can I make it to use the file name.

Thx for the screenshot. Indeed this is not how I’m used seeing it and I think we would need to have a better understanding of your deployment/integration. Can you pls send an email to and/or share (in a DM) your contact details?

My email is

Right now this is not possible.

I’m not familiar with that integration, but the way it looks from the screenshot is that it opens the COOL frame directly in a new document (tab or window) instead of inside an iframe from the integrating application. The latter is the recommended way to do it as it allow complete control of the surroundings, including interface.

My recommendation would be to embed COOL with an iframe.