Can't Save on Mobile


I feel like I must be missing something simple here but, whenever I edit a spreadsheet in the mobile app it won’t save. I’m running I edit the cell, I click the blue check mark in the top left corner and then I click the arrow in the top left corner to exit. When I click back into the doc, none of the changes I made are there. If you go in and do export as it will save a copy that has the changes. Thanks for your help!

Hey @Em1968a. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Can you give a little more info?

  • What exact device are you using?
    • + What OS version is it?
  • Can you give the exact About info?
    • In the app, you should be able to press the “upper-right 3-line menu” > About.

Hmmm… and is this also happening on freshly made ODS files?

Made by:

  1. Open the Collabora app.

  2. On the main “Recent Documents” menu…

  • Press the little blue + sign in the lower right corner.
  1. Press “New Spreadsheet”.

  2. In the file choosing menu that appears:

  • Pick the folder location + filename.
  • Press “Save” button.

Or is it happening on older/other ODS files you’ve downloaded from somewhere?