Community Weekly Meeting #151

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #151
Date: Jan 11th 2024
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Calc testing: Nextcloud pass: coolmeeting

Better logging for cy.cGet() by neilguertincollabora · Pull Request #7877 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub Better logging for cy.cGet() #7877
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Andras, Cosmin, Timur, Attila, Gulsah, Darshan, Bayram, Hub, Mike D, Michael, Vivek, Szymon, Julius, Méven Car, Caolán, Pedro, Skyler, Gökay, Anna

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Release Schedule

CODE Will be released on Monday

	we have to respin to add Armin’s patch there: calc performance 

Mobile releases

	iOS 23.05.7 planning to release in Jan Week 3
	TestFlight link: 
			Tester count: 1346 – so people know this link!
	Android 23.05.7 planning to release in Jan Week 3 
	need to fix insert → comments on Mobile.
		Vivek Has some improvements here 
			now merged

AI: Test view jump again next time


  • New release of richdocuments

    • Releases got delayed due to some missed backports
      • One still missing, releases will go out afterwards, hopefully today
    • Spreadsheet status bar show by default
    • Version access for shared files (server release 27.1.5 pending next Thursday)
    • For Nextcloud 28 additional things landed (new major version coming next week)
  • Open in new tab by default (?)

  • WASM

  • Discussion with Pedro around open locally

    • General problem that we have no mechanism to “inform” Collabora about lock/permissions changes from the Nextcloud server
    • Julius will try to come up with a draft concept for how this could be implemented
    • For a single file this can work but … (Michael)
      • for a whole folder hierarchy – it’s a problem.
      • With some extra functionality …
      • On the act of changing permissions – can notify …
      • Tell me all the WOPISRC’s you have open – and filter in PHP ?
      • AI: encourage Michael to come to next Nextcloud/Collabora call (Pedro)
        • discuss there.
    • Slam-dunk for synchronizing locking from Nextcloud

Online activity

Forum (Mike D)

5 new posts this week.

Key topics:

And then a few more normal posts that need more debug info:

11 → 11 - zero replies in user support:

37 → 38 - zero replies in installation and config:

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