Clicking Download in Writer Crashes Browser

Describe the Bug

After clicking Download and selecting any option, my browser crashes - all windows and tabs.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use own server to host Collobora Online
  2. Access through self-hosted Nextcloud instance
  3. Access any existing document (I used docx files)
  4. Select “File” from the main nav bar
  5. Click any available download option
  6. Browser crashes

Expected Behavior

My browser should begin downloading the selected file in the format I clicked on.

Actual Behavior

All browser windows and tabs close.


(Please complete the following information)

  • Collabora version: 23.05.9-4
  • OS and version: Mac OS 12.7.2
  • Browser and version: Chrome 123.0.6312.107

Additional Context

  • We have been running Collabora with Nextcloud through several years and versions. The issue occurs in version 23.05.7-1 and above.
  • When accessing in Firefox, instead of crashing browser it tries to accessing a malformed URL. I’ve removed some pieces of identifying info from the URL and replaced with

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas of what might be going wrong?

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Hi connorlucas,
Sorry for replying late - I’m looking at older posts …
Am I right that I assume that the crash was specific for that version of CODE and resolved in the mean time?

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