CODE installation on CentOS (rpm): No /var/log/coolwsd.log written


I’ve installed CODE on a CentOS 7 VM following the instructions on Setting up and configuring native CODE packages on Linux - Collabora Office and Collabora Online. On this page it does say, that Collabora Online logs into systemd journal. However /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml has a logging section (see below), which sets /var/log/coolwsd.log as logfile and I’d like the log to be written there. How can this be achieved?

The logging section of our /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml:

                <color type="bool">true</color>
             Note to developers: When you do "make run", the logging.level will be set on the
             coolwsd command line, so if you want to change it for your testing, do it in
   , not here.
                <level default="warning" desc="Can be 0-8 (with the lowest numbers being the least verbose), or none (turns off logging), fatal, critical, error, warning, notice, information, debug, trace" type="string">debug</level>
                <most_verbose_level_settable_from_client default="notice" desc="A loggingleveloverride message from the client can not set a more verbose log level than this" type="string">notice</most_verbose_level_settable_from_client>
                <least_verbose_level_settable_from_client default="fatal" desc="A loggingleveloverride message from a client can not set a less verbose log level than this" type="string">fatal</least_verbose_level_settable_from_client>
                <protocol desc="Enable minimal client-site JS protocol logging from the start" type="bool">false</protocol>
                <!-- lokit_sal_log example: Log WebDAV-related messages, that is interesting for debugging Insert - Image operation: "+TIMESTAMP+INFO.ucb.ucp.webdav+WARN.ucb.ucp.webdav"
             See also: -->
                <lokit_sal_log default="-INFO-WARN" desc="Fine tune log messages from LOKit. Default is to suppress log messages from LOKit." type="string">-INFO-WARN</lokit_sal_log>
                <file enable="false">
                        <!-- If you use other path than /var/log and you run coolwsd from systemd, make sure that you enable that path in coolwsd.service (ReadWritePaths). -->
                        <property desc="Log file path." name="path">/var/log/coolwsd.log</property>
                        <property desc="Log file rotation strategy. See Poco FileChannel." name="rotation">never</property>
                        <property desc="Append either timestamp or number to the archived log filename." name="archive">timestamp</property>
                        <property desc="Enable/disable log file compression." name="compress">true</property>
                        <property desc="The maximum age of log files to preserve. See Poco FileChannel." name="purgeAge">10 days</property>
                        <property desc="The maximum number of log archives to preserve. Use 'none' to disable purging. See Poco FileChannel." name="purgeCount">10</property>
                        <property desc="Enable/disable log file rotation on opening." name="rotateOnOpen">true</property>
                        <property desc="Enable/disable flushing after logging each line. May harm performance. Note that without flushing after each line, the log lines from the different processes will not appear in chronological order." name="flush">false</property>
                        <anonymize_user_data default="false" desc="Enable to anonymize/obfuscate of user-data in logs. If default is true, it was forced at compile-time and cannot be disabled." type="bool">false</anonymize_user_data>
                        <anonymization_salt default="82589933" desc="The salt used to anonymize/obfuscate user-data in logs. Use a secret 64-bit random number." type="uint">82589933</anonymization_salt>
                <docstats default="false" desc="Enable to see document handling information in logs." type="bool">false</docstats>
                <userstats default="false" desc="Enable user stats. i.e: logs the details of a file and user" type="bool">false</userstats>

Hi @drosera it is possible to redirect logs to a file. The trace file defined in <trace> section provides extra debug information on that I think.