Collabora Office on an iPhone with wired keyboard and wired mouse?


I am running Collabora Office offline on an iPhone (iOS 14). I don’t use the cloud or have a need to sync documents. (I need to ferry updated documents between iPhone and laptop, but I’ve worked out how to do that using an iPlugmate drive.) I don’t use Bluetooth either.

Is there a way to run a foldable wired keyboard and wired mouse with the iPhone so that I can basically treat the iPhone as if it’s a micro-laptop?

For my needs, that would give fantastic portability. If a wired mouse is not possible, then a wired keyboard with a trackpad would suffice. I guess part of the question is whether specific drivers on iOS are needed for these peripherals, because Apple presumably don’t make this kind of usage easy.

But has anybody here used Collabora Office on an iPhone with a wired keyboard and mouse?

Apologies if this is off-topic here, but this was the only Collabora forum I could find. If it’s off-topic, I’d be grateful for advice on where else to post it.

Thanks in advance,

PS Sorry for posting this to the top at first, i.e. not to a specific subforum. I have deleted it there and am reposting here under “User Support”.