Bugs in the input interface

When you use the ipados version of the software, and use the physical keyboard to type, the first word typed into Chinese by the keyboard is not displayed, its color is integrated with the background, when the input method is English, the association word is not displayed, only what is directly entered, what is printed, I hope it can be optimized.

Hello @violentrant. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… it would be very helpful if you could:

  • Post some screenshots of the issue.

and also let us know:

  • What version of iOS + which iPad are you using?
  • What version of Collabora Office?
    • I assume the latest 23.05.7?
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i am useing the ipad pro 10.5inch,the ipad version is ipados 17.4, and i am using the lasted version of collabora office(。

the app name parhaps you guys shoud change ,it is very diffcult to learn,and ,nearly canot find the apps in apple store,if you use the key word"office”
,only can find the app in key wrod“collabora office”

hope you guys can solve it ,thank u very much

i can not reply picture,sorry,because the websit resitct the new user

Thanks for the OS+version info! :slight_smile:

Could you upload your screenshots to an image sharing site (like “Imgur” or “ImgBB”) and then you can put the URL here?

Yeah… that’s on Apple’s + Google’s poor discovery in their app stores… (and they’re FULL of SEO spam + scammy apps/ads that usually take up the first few spots).

Personally, I just visit this page:

and then click on the direct Android/iOS store links.

Side Note: I almost never use the app store’s search anymore… I use an Android phone, and the last time I used Google Play to search was… years ago!

When I do need to get an app, I usually go:

  1. On phone/computer:
    • Browser → search → find name of app + developer.
      • App = Collabora Office
      • Dev = Collabora Productivity Limited
    • If they have an official site + links. Great! I use those!
  2. On phone:
    • Open “Google Play” → search.
    • Verify the same app/developer.

So many times, you’ll have random ads/apps showing above the official apps (with extremely similar titles), trying to trick people into downloading them.

Like I just looked up “Firefox” in the Google Play app, and the official one was buried in the middle of my screen:

  • Sponsored app (DuckDuckGo) taking up top 1/3rd of screen.
  • Firefox app was taking up middle 1/3rd.
  • A whole row of sponsored apps/browsers taking up bottom 1/3rd.

This problem gets so much worse with mobile games and less popular apps…

aboslutely yes how crazy the world is

the picture is that link bellow

Thanks for the screenshots.

I’m attaching your 2nd one here:

I’m having trouble opening up the link to the 1st one though… I’m getting a weird Sharepoint “Sorry, something went wrong” page.

  1. In the app… What is the exact information that appears when you press:
  • Help > About

And I notice a few weird things in your screenshot:

  1. The spots you circled in red are completely missing icons.
    • Are all the other icons gone too? Or only the “Help” tab?
  2. The UI is in English, but shouldn’t it be in Chinese?

(I’m unsure on that one, since I only have an English OS… but I would expect the app’s UI to match your OS’s language. So Spanish OS would open with Spanish UI, etc.)

the first pic is that,thank you so much,hope you can solve it ,and make it suitible fo chinese。
我向你分享了:mmexport1711027707382.jpg 链接:https://cloud.lxweb.cn/s/8VDH2

Okay, great. Thanks.

I’m attaching your 1st pic below too:

This will keep it from disappearing. :slight_smile:

And can you answer those 3 questions I asked in the previous post?

the three question reply
1 when i input any thing in chinese by apple chinese keyboard and use K380 physical keyboard connect by bluetooth,the first word in second red cycle can not see it ,when i use Space bar for k380 physical keyboard,the first word can input the collbora,it is just can non see the first wrod
2 it only on the help tab 。the other ,the icons can not fuction when the mouse on it ,when i use Mouse Wheel up or down,it is only can use finger; else ,could you make the icon more like microsoft 's function, it will be more suictble for everyuser
3 perhaps ,the ui can not match my os in chinese ,else,the collbora 's language don have chinese font packbag。

thank u very much

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Thanks for the answers @violentrant. :slight_smile:

Could you test the latest beta for the iOS “Collabora Office” app and see if it’s any better?

This link will get you there:

thank you for your effort,ihave test the testflight version the bugs is still there

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Thanks for testing the beta!

And could you use your finger to get into the:

  • Help > About info?

Getting the exact version + git hash and everything would help the testers too. :slight_smile:

COOLWSD version: (git hash: baabeeff)
LOKit version:
built on a great technology base
Collabora Office (git hash: 7e698f5)
Copyright © 2024, Collabora Productivity Limited.

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