Community Weekly Meeting #121

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #121

Date: Jun 1st 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Andras, Mike D, Timur, Darshan, Mike D, Nicolas, Gülşah, Ezinne, Symon, Anna, Michael, Shehr, Luigi

Release schedule (Andras)

  • 23.05
    • Another testing session probably will happen tomorrow
    • Tested internally (in progress)
    • We will start to have weekly releases for 23.05 CODE → builds for tomorrow

Releasability of master (Michael)

  • Cypress (Gokay)

    • some good fixes for core – removing a dodgy UI test – should be better.
  • UX regressions almost all done → looking lots better.

    • Tabs now better. Sidebar still needs some fixing. Still some UI blockers.
    • JSDialog regressions being chased
    • Dark mode is much better
      • black cursor on black document an issue.
    • Navigator – vertical positioning annoyances.
  • Performance (Caolan)

    • Lots of fixes and improvements merged
      • unclear if there are still issues until we test.
  • Crash on typing → perhaps a11y related …

Forum (Mike D)

Dark mode (Michael)

  • Paris has fixed Dark Mode for calc → patch pending review here; Miklos was helping out.
    • Paris filed a bug on the black cursor on black page
  • Now working on debugging other dark-mode problems.
  • Darshan:
    • Now we dark theme value from UI_Defaults parameter → merged
    • Julius pushed a PR so it changes to dark mode automatically → merged today
      • Darshan’s commit got in also within that ^
    • CSS image URL re-writing happens for proxy-mode (Michael)
      • global.js “// re-write relative URLs in CSS …”
      • perhaps an idea for Szymon to look at.
      • Change w2ui impl. Of icons – so we can replace them …
        • so can replace URL from the code.
      • Szymon: looked into that but there is no need to re-write the relative URLS for Darshan merged PR
  • Andreas K. now helping left and right
    • Dialog tab adjustments → but waiting for his changes
    • Sidebar improvements to get in but need some work still
      • Pushed fixes
  • Nextcloud has four themes – we should probably aim to match that:
    • high contrast dark & light, and dark and light (normal).
    • For now using the manual switch from the button …
      • perhaps we want to detect the browser’s dark-mode ?
    • AI: Having an enumeration like this pushed across
      the iframe + PostMessage update (Szymon)
      • will add another field in the UI defaults (Pedro)

Online activity (Pedro)

  • Darshan fixed the flickering on the sidebar in Draw
  • Darshan found out 404 errors related to icons
  • reading isEditMode of undefinded in mobile view. #6497
  • Updates from the team posted in the forum.
  • Navigator bits
    • Szymon has one fix to merge – switching from navigator to properties in compat mode – now have headings expanded, and no title ‘navigator’ → merged
  • Pull request backlog is growing – what to do about it ?
    • If the tests run locally – you should push without CI passing.
  • Szymon
    • JSDialog layout generic fixes
    • Debug logs → found that we were initializing Zotero when new user joins
      • Fixed
    • Linking API
      • Contains categories for presentations (so we don’t mix master slides and normal slides) → so we will be able to use the smartpicker to link to other document’s parts
        • Julius will also push something in the richdocuments side
      • Spreadsheets we have categories but we don’t have items
        • Item list is not implemented
        • Jumping is not yet implemented either
  • JSDialog conversion
    • Fix writer dialog now maybe 3 left
  • Shehr Pushed a new PR for that speeding calls Fix: Speed-up callbacks by shehr7 · Pull Request #6467 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • Now → Easy-hack pretty print. Sometimes the debugger stops at a break point sometimes it doesn’t
      • Szymon will check it, need a paste of that.
  • Gokay
    • Now working on accessibility around comments (keyboard)
      • Almost 90%
  • Gulsah
    • Now working on sidebar animation → fixed

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Pedro
    • Working on UI blockers from the final 23.05 release
    • And getting the last PRs in for tomorrow’s build


  • Translation stats to go out soon → SM and Forum
  • New contributors/or returning contributions → SM

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

Next meeting



Not sure what the best way to promote this is, or whether it has a chance of influencing dark mode beyond Nextcloud, but to me it is incredibly important!