Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server cURL error 28

Hi, I just install NEXTCLOUD 20.0.7 on my Godaddy cPanel Linux shared hosting using installatron and its working fine, But when I try to download and enable Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server 21.11.10 fails and show this message:


cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 121337 milliseconds with 130235791 out of 237680291 bytes received (see libcurl - Error Codes)


I think godaddy don’t allow the download and I think in some options to solve it:

  1. Change some configuration file to extend the donwload timeout?
  2. Can I make outside the download and put it in some path to install it?
  3. Can I install manually like downloads some files and exec a php program?

I will appreciate some help and opinions

Alejandro Castrejon

** ADDED **
I try editing the NEXTCLOUD installer.php file chnaging this line:

$timeout = $this->isCLI ? 0 : 120;


$timeout = $this->isCLI ? 0 : 512;

and I have I no error but never activate, so I download the app directly from

but its take more than an hour and I think that’s part of the problem

Now how install the richdocumentscode.tar.gz file?

I hope some can help me

Yeah, the file is big, and the download bandwidth is limited, there’s not much we can do about that.

You can extract the .tar.gz file in your Nextcloud’s apps folder. Make sure you do it with your www-data user (or similar web-user in your distro that owns the other files in your Nextcloud directory), or change the owner to that user using chown.

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That I did:,

  1. Download on my computer
  2. Uncompress
  3. Upload the folder to the app using FTP
  4. Activate the app

And works