Collabora Online Weekly #106

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #106

Date: Feb 2nd 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Gülşah, Ezinne, Naomi, Anna, Cosmin, Thorsten, Nicolas

Release schedule (Pedro)

  • Next CODE 22.05.10 will be annouced later today


  • Welcome to Rimuru Aka Aarsh from india , i am currently working on
  • Add scroll hover effect
    • Rimuru wants to work on this
    • Szymon checked, code pointers added


  • Been exploring the code-base
  • investigating an issue – sometimes too many saves to the storage.
  • Some 21.11 branch – discussing trying the newest version – 22.05
    • Hard to reproduce locally, also tested with master also with 22-05


  • Trying to setup CO with oCIS but a bit difficult, documentation seems small
    • Pedro: Yes, I had the same problem also looking into this

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Working on dropping an .ini file in top-level Nextcloud sync folders so that the desktop client can interact with locking / desktop / collaborative editing as the user chooses → waiting for desktop client team (richdocuments PR ready)

  • Copy while in read only mode → AI: Pedro create task

  • User mentions pull request is in progress Implement user mentions API by Raudius · Pull Request #2576 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub → merged

    • Raul out for a bit → we need to hand off that. Missing: sending notification to the user.
    • Julius is taking over and it should be available in the next NC 26 release

Community (Pedro)

Community: Dark mode

  • AI: Pedro needs to rebase dark mode branch (and solve any conflicts coming from new sidebar work) , then ping Andreas K.
  • Branch was very old and with multiple conficts. Branch rebased and now ready to receive Prs. AI → rebase branch and force push
  • There is an issue:Add a dark mode · Issue #4382 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
  • Why in a branch not master ?
    • We got regressions left & right here.
      • Affecting the non-dark-mode.
      • Plan to add a switcher so it doesn’t do it automatically.
    • Can just merge it – and hide the switcher.
      • Make it visible in CODE.
      • Also trigger info jsdialogs.
  • Michael poking in his spare time at this.

GitHub activity (Pedro)

  • Gulsah
    • JSDialog focus issue
      • Fixed
    • Hyperlink Vex focus issue also fixed
    • Focus formula bar (copy paste, ctrl +A)
      • Gulsah fixed but it seems it was not a regression from my previous PR
      • Szymon ended fixed/merge before Gulsah’s PR
    • Next Escape don’t work on repair dialog
      • File → Repair
  • Pedro
    • Hyperlink dialog:
      • Hyperlinks (show warning to the user when the url is empty)
      • If text is empty assume the value of URL (fix ghost hyperlinks inserted in the document)
  • User wants to have log out button on the admin console
    • PR :
    • Gokay: Working on the session logic. Already have a login page.
    • Gokay: already improved, now we have a login page! Add logout button to admin console #5416 waiting review AI: emptying cookies didn’t work, ping Kendy
      • Kendy :Probably best to delay this to a calm period where we can test it completely
      • Gokay: removing the cookie seems not working. Also, maybe I can play with JSON properties and see if there is another alternative
      • Michael: Happy to review but let’s not rewrite auth browser logic, probably best to setup a call → A.I. Gokay
  • Context TopToolbar for all apps #3869 ← ressurect this PR would be good but without animation. → Ping Andreas K.

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Hannah → list of dialogs / jsdialogs etc.
  • Fix multiple name values (translations problem)
  • Sidebar fixes around position panel (when selcted shape or iamge)

Other ongoing work

  • Uses some interaction handling sync, not working at the moment

  • Pranam & Szymon

    • Reviewing Pranam’s Prs (1 to go footnotes and endnote)
    • Now working on how the citations is stored if field (different implementation for ODF and MSO) or bookmark (supported for evey format including documents that were created and operated with Zotero desktop)
      • Missing information (which one user should opt)
    • Pranam:
      • Sorting bibliography (pending)
      • Handling multiple citations (they should get merge). Possible to multiselect
  • Szymon:

    • Improved navigation using the keybord (view know reacts properly)
    • Also now you can select multiple columns via mouse dragging
    • Formulabar: fixed handling of URLs merged
    • Line break fix for DeepL fixed, next → add test
      • Found second case: selecting the new document → to do
    • Jumping cursor → it needed to be double tested → Gokay tested, let’s keep the latest merged commit on this
      • Szymon: still I would like to revisited this (I think we might be cancelling tiles when scrolling) ← AI
      • Export PDF to storage → now merged

COOL Days 2023

  • COOL Days 2023 - Cambridge, UK - Collabora Office and Collabora Online
  • We have booked the beautiful Clare College on 28th and 29th March 2023, one of the many famous Cambridge Colleges for our next Collabora Online Conference.
    • Book your seat, fill the form! - free accommodation from 27th → 30th & food for attendees.
    • Speakers much appreciated
    • It should be easy to travel to airport London Stansted and then get to Cambridge by Train.
    • There will be hackfests, Collabora Online and LibreOffice and much more fun
    • Keep an eye for event updates every week
    • AIL Link this to the chat headers
  • (Naomi) Send emails (invitations) → also possibly add more info to the web page → Done
  • Now we have a schedule! Check the link: COOL Days 2023 - Cambridge, UK - Collabora Office and Collabora Online
    • Technical Day
    • Treasure hunt
    • Dinners :stuck_out_tongue:

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