Collabora Online Weekly #100

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #100

Date: Dec 8 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Thorsten, Andras, Aron, Kendy, Nicolas, Gülşah, Gokay, Gabriel, Michael

Release schedule (Gokay)

  • Next CODE 22.05 → week 50
  • Mobile app release was postponed for next year (probably between Jan-Mar)

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Nicolas (Adfinis → DeepL)

  • Kendy: Working already on the blog post, it should be ready soon.

Forum (Pedro)

  • Interesting request/idea on having dynamic footer/header (injecting content into document header and/or footer)
    • Answered: send SDK documentation and info about the postMessage URL
    • AI: Ping python pen
  • Jumping cursor
  • All sidebar missing patches for the new grid-based structure have been merged
  • Look into coolwsd crash related with fonts → pinged Tor.

Dark mode

  • AI: Pedro needs to rebase dark mode branch (and solve any conflicts coming from new sidebar work) , then ping Andreas K.
  • Branch was very old and with multiple conficts. Branch rebased and now ready to receive Prs.


  • Started to working on an new issue (found in 21.x version): It seems multiple savings (in unmodified documents) in between very short chunks of time (seconds)
  • Aron: how do you monitor the status of the document? Is the save icon button showing that is saved? Sometimes we save due to stuff happening on the core side (even if there is no user modification); Gabriel: don’t know this was reported as in “documents are identical”
    • It’s quite old version. I can check it quickly to see if there is any obvious cause.
  • AI for Gabriel: Create a ticket with this info and maybe worth to mention Ash there.

GitHub activity (Pedro)

  • Gulsah
    • Chart size PPTX → Impress. Now working on this following Quikee code pointer → When we have auto layout somehow position and size is decided for the plot area → needs to find where this is happening. → Have a working solution but one test is not passing: 143179: Use same plot area distance with Microsoft Office → fixed but tests need to be updated. AI: Ping Quikee → Pedro: pinged Quikee, he will check the tests. Thanks!
    • Now working on hyperlink issues (calc mobile)
      • bug: Modifying hyperlink keeps existing hyperlink as well ; Already has a fix for that (core side)
      • Still not pushed, found another related bug
  • User wants to have log out button on the admin console
    • Easy hack WIP PR open to anyone : Add logout button to admin console by pedropintosilva · Pull Request #5416 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub we have discussed and yes this should get in. I have tried to remove the cookie from client side but I really don’t think it is possible because it seems that was created with httpOnly option. AI: Ping someone that can push server side commit into this PR [Gokay will look into this] so not that easy , Gokay already looking into this. Session logic needs to be added.
    • Gokay: Working on the session logic. Already have a login page.

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Repair document dialog was not being translated → now fixed; AI: probably good to add some sort of easy hack on grep these things
  • Symon: Now new JSDialog type to be used for all warning dialogs. We can use to replace vex dialogs of these type. Now being used for hyperlink “leaving the editor” dialog (former vex dialog). The plan here is to start to replace vex dialogs one by one sequentially (so it’s better for QA/testing and less prone to regressions)
    • As a collateral hyperlink “leaving editor” bugs were fixed (in some languages, text was above buttons etc)
    • AI: Which is the next in line?

Other ongoing work


  • Probably tomorrow videos are already available on Youtube CollaboraOffice channel (all videos now available)
    • AI: Notify people (email etc)
    • AI: Create a new playlist with all the videos → Marc is on this
    • Videos already being uploaded (some already available)
      • Community pages were updated with COOL Days CTA → YT [done]
      • Slides repository was updated [done]
      • Plus add update to the Forum [done]
  • Hacktoberfest →all Prs got in and were already posted on SM

Next Meeting

Maybe 15/12/2022