Collabora Online Weekly #112

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #112

Date: Mar 16th 2023

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  • Pedro, Anna, Andras, Nicolas, Cosmin, Gabriel, Ezinne, Timur, Gabriel, Thorsten, Szymon, Michael

Release schedule (Andras)


  • Spent some time testing iOS
    • So far looks nice, still some work is needed
    • still some rough edges. We need to maybe address some blockers (need to double check the saving)
    • Produce a list of the last blockers to fix before releasing over 21.11 form Testflight.
  • Suggestion / bug report on “Leave editor” dialog
    • Text message now improved
  • Next: test the languageTool improvements from Mike
    • logging and the possibility to have multiple languages in the same document
    • Also inlcude fallback in the case that particular locale is non existent. Example: PT-PT → PT-BR
    • Still building from master

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Community (Pedro)

Community: Dark mode

  • Dark mode branch was rebased → it should get merged after releases provided that we have the toggle working
  • Paris got the rendering working for multiple views with different settings
    • not just dark mode, but non-printing characters etc.
    • nice new features coming for 23.05
    • so far writer only – Calc & Impress/Draw need some rendering re-factoring …

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Hyperlink popup, text input field (misaligned ) is actually a textarea
    • Pedro: tried to fix it by replacing the html element (not possible it would break for some cases). Instead fix the height and the misalignment via CSS.
    • Szymon hyperlink was converted to jsdialog
      • ui fix
      • CSS improvements, text size
      • Pedro we should set minim width
      • More styling font weight
      • A.I.: ctrl + a inside of the input field select document text

Gabriel (1&1)

  • Cosmin: almost sure that I will join COOL days
  • I look into browser: add last modification timeout setting by alessioalex-1and1 · Pull Request #4195 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub I will then rebase
  • Multiple savings (in unmodified documents) in between very short chunks of time (seconds. there is no pattern. The document is identical, identical metadata. Connection closes and then reopens → then it saves. Is not something continuous (maybe between the browser and our infrastructure, maybe the client keep trying to connect)
    • Cosmin: I was able to reproduce this sometimes by closing the socket
  • Dynamic change to the log level
    • it takes some time to go online
    • Admin console module is now enabled and we will use it to trigger the dynamic change
    • nothing unusual showed up
  • Save on exit is activated → due to an issue we detected on calc (when editing a cell) and it seems it was the easiest way to “fix it”
    • The document is save inside of core and then an identical version (just the timestamp differs) is uploaded, still unsure why this is happening
    • Michael: is it doing repeated save from the core process? Or is a repeated upload? For the look of it it could be an issue with coolwsd process
  • Save at the fix intervals scenarios disappeared
  • Now added extra flags in the console so we can try to identify/understand better what is happening
    • Michael: Where is it? Can you push it, it seems very useful
  • Added extra information re: log-level etc. … for Kit & coolwsd …
    • would be nice to log just for one specific DocumentBroker (Michael)
      • currently not possible – due to Poco logging.
  • Fix re: slow-start of COW bits … (Gabriel)
    • some topology number of pods / pictures of infra would be great too ! (Michael)
  • Cosmin: we were able to deploy a new version and now we have the dynamic log level change

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

Other ongoing work

  • Rash
    • Content control date picker is now localized
    • Cypress fixes
    • Also now checking the scrolling (true) failing test (only on master)

COOL Days 2023

  • Emails are being sent notifying speakers/ requesting talk confirmation
  • COOL Days 2023 - Cambridge, UK - Collabora Office and Collabora Online
    • as of today we have 19 community / partner – and 27 staff registered …
  • Please RSVP: COOL Days 2023 - RSVP Options - Collabora Office and Collabora Online
  • We have booked the beautiful Clare College on 28th and 29th March 2023, one of the many famous Cambridge Colleges for our next Collabora Online Conference.
    • Book your seat, fill the form! - free accommodation from 27th → 30th & food for attendees.
    • Speakers much appreciated
    • It should be easy to travel to airport London Stansted and then get to Cambridge by Train.
    • There will be hackfests, Collabora Online and LibreOffice and much more fun
    • Keep an eye for event updates every week
    • AIL Link this to the chat headers
  • (Naomi) Send emails (invitations) → also possibly add more info to the web page → Done
  • Now we have a schedule! Check the link: COOL Days 2023 - Cambridge, UK - Collabora Office and Collabora Online
    • Technical Day
    • Treasure hunt
    • Dinners :stuck_out_tongue:

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