Collabora Online Weekly #81

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #81

Date: Jul 14 2022
Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Julius, Ezinne, Szymon, Andras, Michael, Ezinne, Andras, Thorsten, Nicolas, Gokay

Nicolas (Adfinis)

  • (Pedro): Thank you for the Grammar Checker :slight_smile:
  • Spreadsheet tries to save every 3 , 4 s, ongoing busypopup etc
    • Will try to reproduce it → and probably file a bug
    • Can’t reproduce on
    • Probably fixed (we have an older unstable version running)

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Already a PR prepared : Add `openWith` function to OCA.Viewer by Raudius · Pull Request #1273 · nextcloud/viewer · GitHub
  • Julius: It seems undo blocks the first user’s chanfges (when multiple user work)
    • Michael: actually it does not work like that. It’s about how undo deals with conflicts (or better de-conflict those conflicts)
      • we handle some easy circumstances in writer – for independent paragraphs
      • will open a ticket for cells in Calc (Julius)
  • Would love an API to extract change-tracking details from files (Julius)
    • should be able to extract the changes reasonably easily (Michael)
    • comparing files for a fallback (Julius)

Regarding "Document loading failed" - NGINX, no Docker · Issue #4966 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub

	Requested more info, config.php etc. Since it works on my side
	It seems it’s something that keeps bites us (already reported in other places) 
		But this was a problem on the user side
		Thanks to shoelzle that has been helping out the others, → issue got closed
	These misc. issues are good because it gives us clues on how to improve or added bits to our SDK (troubleshoting) 

	noticed missing ‘Miscellaneous’ section in the sidebar with two more table options – need to find out what is going on; is it possible to access them ? - missing a sidebar-group ? 
		Szymon: the removal was intentional as it wasn’t supported
		Szymon: Still it might be worth look into this again to see if we can enable it now.

GitHub activity (Pedro and Ezinne)

The recent issues seems not be related to the new release, mostly setup/config issues and feature requests

	Saving zoom level, Automatic spell checker option does not get saved, 
		Gokay will check this one

WE have new contributor (thanks Szymon and it’s easy hack) )

	Thanks to Rimuruweb for 
	Szymon: A PR on Keycodes, the idea is to replace the magic numbers with human redable numbers.. Still needs some update from the contributor
	Still awaiting for contributor’s changes

Another new contributor added timezone support (new option) → already reviewed by Andras and merged
	Thanks Tobia!

Design bits (Pedro and others)

Lots of formula-bar fixes and improvements that go in to master

	There is still an extra PR awaiting for tests to pass
	Removed CSS stuff that we don’t need , mor eimprovmeents have entered

Fixes for sidebar have entered

Fixes for icons within tabbed view tabs (save icon etc)

Release Schedule (Gokay)

New CODE 22.05 minor release this week, already anounceed

	jumbo sheets, grammar checker, fixes, 

In two week another release planned 

	Mostly polishing 

Other ongoing work

(Pranam): Being busy with Kubernetes load balancing. New and better configuration avaialble.
(Ezinne): Maybe we could look into it 

	Also mentions the NC Activity VS CO history
	(Pedro & Julius) We could have better integration
		We could bring everything to either CO or NC
		(Julius) there are more stuff we can do once we have all the details from changes

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