Collabora Online Weekly #84

Collabora Online Weekly #84

Date: July 28 2022

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  • Pedro, Szymon, Nicolas, Gokay, Raul, Julius, Michael, Skyler, Kendy, Nick W, Pranam, Andras

Nicolas (Adfinis)

  • Idea: notification box that allows t

    • Michael: we do have that but it is off by default → redlining_as_comments

    • Michael: We should improve it though

    • Kendy: There is also an experimental feature in core that allows to show changes right within the sidebar (still a WIP)

  • Changing tracking changes and commenting

    • Michael: It should be in the Review tab (on the tabbed view)

  • The following issue bugs some of our team as we work with document properties in our template(s):

Release schedule (Gokay)

  • Releasing COOL 22.05 today

  • Regular release will continue

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Julius: It seems undo blocks the first user’s changes (when multiple user work)

    • Michael: actually it does not work like that. It’s about how undo deals with conflicts (or better de-conflict those conflicts)

      • we handle some easy circumstances in writer – for independent paragraphs

      • will open a ticket for cells in Calc (Julius) – still need to do that

    • Asked someone to look at this (Michael)

    • Noel is working on this and making progress

    • Michael: already have commit going to 22.05 branch

    • Michael: we can also do for single changes

    • Michael: Aron has reported an issue → still some improvements to go but on the good track

  • Would love an API to extract change-tracking details from files (Julius)

    • Need to talk with the team

    • should be able to extract the changes reasonably easily (Michael)

    • comparing files for a fallback (Julius)

    • exposing this from an API would be good …

    • Talked a potential partner (Michael)

      • tested many of their customer → 2.5 up-version instead

        • who hated it =)

      • they preferred → red-lining.

    • Would like an iframe tweak with two wopi URLs that compares them (Julius)

    • A ‘compare button’ → perhaps more expected (Pedro)

  • Tor → font bits …

    • continues to debug the font pieces

      • making progress & hopes to have a solution in a week.

    • Want to do a round of testing on their side again (Julius)

  • Remote config:

    • looked into this – easy to do, need a few more config options on the Nextcloud side

    • perhaps can avoid the proxy in some cases.

    • Is there a list of settings you want exposed ? (Michael)

      • convert-to end point handling (Julius)

        • want a strong shared secret instead (Michael)

          • ideally a post field for auth token.

          • Could use the proof-key for the fetch ? ...

        • Limiting remote config URL access then needed (Julius)

          • having a shared secret in both directions would be good.

      • Decision:

      • Preparing maitenance release → next week

        • Enhancements for the security view. Possible to share file allowing only viewing and not downloading. For local and remote users.

      • Now→ focusing on UX. Improvements on the integration soon to be.

      • Improvements on the Formulabar also will get in


  • in Berlin Oct 2nd → 5th inclusive

  • Currently preparing for the conference

  • Booking flights, trains

  • Applying for visas

  • Team Building

Forum (Pedro)

Gabriel Masei

Invalidate tiles frenzy (Michael)

  • We are getting tons of tile: messages, almost no deltas and excessive whole-document invalidation with this document.

    • That’s very odd.

    • It turned out → typo (min instead of max)

    • Fix already in 22.05

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • New icon went in for translation

  • Formulabar improvements

  • Dark mode toggle is almost finished (by Christopher)

Other ongoing work

  • Kendy: Mert is finishing depl bits.

  • Kendy: Mike is working on sidebar changes regarding formula editing

  • Nick: File properties: mostly working. Problem with selecting tabs. Problem with ids. Then async all the dialogs (subdialogs). One looks easier the other not so much. Probably best to check the UI file for bogus Ids

  • Szymon: Fixing bugs in impress about rendering slide previews (master page mode and rendering text box).

  • Skyler: Converting now dialogs to JSDialogs. Split Table now working! Next Split Cells dialog (it seems to be already async)

  • Pranam: Improving commenting handling

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