Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #1

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #1

Date: Nov 12, 2020

Next meeting: Nov 19, 2020

Attendees: Muhammet, Nicolas, Pedro, Pranam, Thaís, Szymon, Eloy, Tor, Pelinowsky, Gökay, Yunusemre, Rizal, Mert, Padia Rashesh, Cor, Michael, Ezinne, Andras, Kendy, Miklos


  • Update slides (Muhammet)

    • shared some slides with updates
  • Contextual toolbars (I can do the toolbar stuff) (Andreas Kainz)

    • Andreas is not here

    • Pedro:

    • Discussed, nice input from Julius

    • Change default toolbar to tab layout or contextual, suggsted by Andreas → more on GitHub discussion

    • Concerned on using layout forcing user, difficult for users to navigate through features

    • Many options/items on contextual

    • Can be iterated to improve

    • Maintanance development advantage pointed out by Andreas

    • Choice (Cor)

      • should users have a choice:

        • classic / notebookbar
    • Concrete actionable decision ? (Michael)

      • have a call with Andreas / Pedro / Nicolas to discuss.
  • Icon theming (css class names has to be defined) (Andreas Kainz)

    • Plan is to better / color-matching of icons to our embedding target

    • AI: come up with class name proposal (Pedro)

      • then discuss / test with Andreas.
  • Plan to migrate the sidebar to HTML/JS as well? (Nicolas Christener)

    • Several issues on touch devices (e.g. color selection), lists can’be scrolled (e.g. number format in calc or effects in impress), input issues with HW keyboards in tunneled dialogs (Nicolas Christener)

    • Plan to get “tunneled dialogs” converted in order to minimize the amount of “paper cuts”?

    • We have mobile wizard on mobile (Szymon)

      • Also notebookbar

      • And a few dialogs in mobile-mode:

      • Find/replace dialog – is transformed to HTML based

        • looks like normal mobile wizard.
      • Converting calc / filter drop-downs to be HTML based.

      • HTML widgets are the blocker

        • most widgets are covered in the framework

        • good progress – can continue with further elements.

    • Awesome – don’t need specific dates (Nicolas)

      • as long as it’s on the table / roadmap.

Commits for review ?

  • Calc on mobile / DPI scales … working with canvas tile layer (Gokay)

    • plan to revew that later today (Kendy)

      • support for writer/impress is necessary too in CanvasTileLayer

        • please look at these too.
      • Zooming is the next step here … not trivial; have some plans

        • currently – CanvasTileLayer uses exact zoom levels 1:14 etc.

          • to lookup tiles.
        • For zoom animations to look reasonable

          • we need to draw in between need to interolate somewhat
    • want to re-factor – start it while waiting for review ? (Gokay)

      • do it on top of the existing work (Kendy)

        • split re-factoring commits from functional change commits.
      • We have canvas core pixels ↔ device pixels ? (Michael)

        • yes, checked on Chrome –force-device-scale-factor (Gokay)

Help / getting setup ?

  • All questions / comments welcome here – or on IRC / Telegram etc. ?

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 11:00 am (UTC)