Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #3

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #3

Date: Nov 26, 2020

Next meeting: Dec 03, 2020

Suggested topics:

Attendees: Muhammet, Andras, Nicolas Christener, Gabriel Masei, Szymon, Andreas Kainz, Pedro Silva, Kendy, Thais, Michael, Gökay, Ezinne, Yunusemre, Bayram Çiçek, Ayhan Yalçınsoy


Quick update (Muhammet)

Contextual toolbars (Andreas Kainz)

Icon theming (css class names has to be defined) (Andreas Kainz)

  • Status (Pedro)

    • not got to this yet.

    • Would like to be cautious with the number of classes …

    • AI : turn this into a github ticket (Muhammet)

      • and move discussion / logging of decisions there.
  • Next week → will check icons & (Pedro)

    • Can avoid manual work by appending class-names to SVG at build-time

    • AI: Pedro will come up with class names and ping Andreas

    • AI: Pedro will look into the SVG sprite and SVG symbol (probably need more time to test and check with the team)

  • Positive feedback from Andreas’ family on icon theming with classes

    • really fun to see, a pleasure to find a solution with Pedro.

    • Not sure we need that many colors in this stuff.

    • Already updated a large number of icons.

    • More classes, easier to change specific stuff – but can make everything similar

    • with 10 colors – can make them all the same, but only with 10 classes.

  • Hopefully helps people focus on outline & metaphore instead of color (Michael)

    • Expect future icon themes to start with color changing & then tweak some icons (Andreas)

      • Should be easier to find new contributors for icons.

Blog post about the iOS app upgrade (Nicolas)

  • Plans to write when it is out

  • Expect to release in the next few days (Andras)

  • Expect to release the Android bits as a 10% testing thing.

  • Do beta users get that ? (Nicolas)

    • thought you were in this group (Kendy)

      • necessary to click a link ?

      • Can you check CollaboraOffice – do you have «interna tester» ?

        • Don’t see it (Nicolas)

          • says something about Beta, but nothing else.
    • Anyone wanting early access – please talk to Kendy / Yunusemre

      • we will need your gmail handle – to add you to the testing group

      • then you need to click a link to agree that.

  • Also tried to install Android version on Sailfish (Nicolas)

    • not very interested, but can help out if necessary

    • why not ? (Kendy)

      • lets do it off-line, open a ticket.

      • What architecture, logging output.

Mobile / iOS (Pedro)

  • good news on the iPad front – the Notebookbar improved for iPad

  • discussed with Tor in a screen-sharing meeting

  • was clashing with iOS status bar at the top

  • have a more clutter-free notebookbar now

  • many fixes are included in 6.4

    • its beautiful (Nicolas)

      • whomever worked on it – georgeous.

      • Hope we can attracct users with that.

      • thanks for your support here too ! (Michael)

  • various other things, eg. close button fixed for other platforms

  • can also be re-used for Chromebooks ? (Nicolas)

    • expect so (Pedro)

Community website (Pedro)

  • Forum link – is in the footer & in the community post it could be easier to find at a glance.

  • Improved that now, it’s part of the top button – impossible to miss.

  • Anyone wanting to improve the content of the website :

Commits for review ? (Muhammet)

CanvasTileLayer update (Gokay)

  • working on twips ↔ Map unit problems, digging for the root cause

  • updated split-panes, because of 1 based index for columns.

  • 1 core pix ↔ 1 canvas pix ↔ 1 device pix.

  • Ideally we get rid of LatLng (Kendy)

    • patch is already getting huge

    • if we think it’s in some sensible state for master – lets merge it.

    • Tell Kendy what to review & get in.

  • Perhaps need a workaround for the row/column headers

    • the cell cursor is mis-placed.

Help / getting setup ?

Admin question (Gabriel)

  • if I want to work on something, how can we avoid overlapping / duplication ?

  • Lots of ways (Michael)

  • What is your direction ? (Michael)

    • dynamic change of toolbar type – classic & notebookbar (Gabriel)

      • can be implemented per-document & per-view

      • plan to do it per-document

    • happy to help with code pointers etc. (Michael)

      • better idea to do this per-document first (Szymon)

        • can paste some code pointers of where to look

        • and how it is activated.

        • Help from «eszka» available on IRC.

Server re-boot during session (Kendy)

  • The latest snapshot, re-freshes from git, and re-starts

  • AI : check vs. Screenshots how we survived (Kara)

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, December 03, 2020 at 11:00 am (UTC)