Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #2

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #2

Date: Nov 19, 2020

Next meeting: Nov 26, 2020

Attendees: Muhammet, Aron, Emre, Thais, Marc, Szymon, Michael, Andreas K, Burak, Cor, Eloy, Ayhan Yalçınsoy, Pedro, Nicolas Christener, Kendy, Tor


Update slides (Muhammet)

  • shared some slides with updates:

  • 34 new contributors, 20+ code contributors

  • hacking in 5 minutes in the cloud.

  • Blog posts most welcome, as is content for community round-ups

  • please do help to create easy-hacks …

  • Please do ask for help on IRC

  • please ping Muhammet around pull-requests if they seem stuck.

Contextual toolbars (Andreas Kainz)


  • One JS file with toolbars for all models

  • Are there plans for contextual toolbars – like the sidebar ?

  • So far we have notebookbar (Szymon)

    • that is contextual

    • the toolbars – we can implement some contextuality

  • Where are we working ? New Notebookbar, or old code ? (Andreas K)

    • plan to have both on the same quality (Michael)

      • currently some customers love the ordinary toolbar, and want it as the default, so we keep it at parity.

      • Notebookbar has a single line option – can we enable it ?

        • Shouldnt’ be a hard thing (Szymon)
  • Can we make the old toolbar contextual ? (Andreas K)

    • toolbars vs. tabs … contextual vs. tabbed etc. ?

    • Can we make some items shown in draw vs. writer etc.

    • only have contextual tabs (Szymon)

      • if you enter the table context – you will see the table tab

      • adding more flickering icons depending on the context is hard.

  • For Nextcloud – you see a toolbar (Andreas K)

    • when you select a draw element, should change that.

      • Want a contextual toolbar – step is small.
  • Ask is – implement contextual toolbars for classic mode ? (Michael)

    • seems better to have a single line notebookbar to me

    • if we can make this look familiar to classic users, we can switch to this

    • sounds good (Szymon)

      • adding some context in classic toolbar is not too hard

      • but requires more coding (Michael)

  • contextual toolbar + single line tabbed layout -90% same (Andreas K)

    • tabbed compact toolbar – is very similar
  • Probably just a single new UNO command – to switch that (Szymon)

    • need to hide some non-working icons …

    • Andreas K → start with contextual toolbar …

  • can put a context property in list of UNO commands (Szymon)

    • but if completely replace classic toolbar later – focus on 1-line notebookbar?
  • Easier to start from the toolbar, than from the tabbed (Andreas K)

    • older JSON stuff – notebookbar, needs lots of work.

    • Classic mode is way easier to edit.

    • Prefer to start with contextual toolbar in classic mode.

    • Would like help on a first step here (Andraes K)

      • will knock up a POC patch here (Szymon)
  • Know where to go, wait for that & go for it (Andreas K)

    • start with the 1st step … then the next one.

Icon theming (css class names has to be defined) (Andreas Kainz)

  • Plan is to better / color-matching of icons to our embedding target

  • Been on vacation & not yet come up with a class name proposal (Pedro)

    • looked into this already

    • can come up with a couple of classes.

    • avoid – every single SVG having multiple classes

    • ideally can style SVGs without classes.

    • Don’t want to theme it on servers side

    • one or two classes, that have some main tint / secondary colors

    • Hope to talk this week.

  • Do you need engineering support? (Michael)

    • Have some simple tests & pull-requests already (Pedro)

    • so not really, adding some tweaks to SVGs

  • Some thoughts (Andreas K)

    • prefer not to have a single SVG file for each icon

    • ideally have many of them in one file (sprite)

      • good to keep in mind.
    • ideally 100% similar to what we use in LibreOffice

    • so doesn’t matter whether used in COOL vs. LibreOffice

      • perhaps only COOL colors / tints for now.
    • Drawing icons already have CSS style options included

      • from the icon POV – you can test the styling.
    • Already had a CSS file for all the different classes,

      • have more than three of these.
  • Glupping SVGs into one asset (Pedro)

    • yes – ideally what we want; two ways to accomplish it

    • have an SVG sprite – with inside the sub SVGs inside a group

    • slightly more elegant; SVG-symbol

  • Exactly the same as LibreOffice (Pedro)

    • no issues with it – in some cases ~impossible

    • we have some things you don’t see on the desktop

      • specific mobile icons, collaborative editing etc.
    • need to see each different case with a grain of salt.

    • same thing is true for the toolbar; different user-base / user-case scenarios?

  • This week → will check icons & (Pedro)

    • Can avoid manual work by appending class-names to SVG at build-time

    • AI: Pedro will come up with class names and ping Andreas

    • AI: Pedro will look into the SVG sprite and SVG symbol (probably need more time to test and check with the team)

    • Andreas: this would be great because we can change color and even stroke width e.g.: Shape icones

Blog post about the iOS app upgrade (Nicolas)

  • Plans to write when it is out

  • Will sync with Tor wrt. Timeline

    • Will start writing now, to be ready when it’s out

Commits for review ?

  • Calc on mobile / DPI scales

    • Gokay has done new changes there

    • Kendy will review later today / tomorrow

    • Will it be in 6.4? (Nicolas)

      • Should be backported at some stage, for the Panes in Calc on mobile

      • Interested in testing this! (Nicolas)

  • 2 pull requests pending (Muhammet)

    • AI: Will have a look (Pedro)

Help / getting setup ?

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 11:00 am (UTC)