Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #162

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #162

Date: Mar 28th 2024

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Making the call shorter

  • Please update your section relating in the document before we read through it.
  • Then only go over anything we need to share / get input on

Release Schedule

  • CODE Release plan
    • CODE Beta release will happen on April 4th
    • CODE Final release on April 18th
  • CODE/COOL released today
  • Mobile releases (23.05 still)
    • Supposed to happen next week but depends on the testing results

Attendees (write your name):

  • Gulsah, Anna, Attila, Pedro,Vivek, Méven, Skyler, Nicolas, Darshan, Cor, Bayram, Mike D, Timur, Caolán, Hub, Neil



  • Nothing to share
  • Will check the new iOS version that landed in the testflight



Online activity



  • Fixing CI tests
  • More TypeScript in master:
    • removed w2ui: formulabar, sheets bar, presentation bar
    • in review: statusbar, compact mode toolbar
    • next: mobile toolbars
  • trying to fix: view jumping after adding row in calc, cell format broken we reproduced last week


  • Various issues with paragraph formatting options in mobile view
    • Accessibility: replace span tag with header tag in modal(js dialog) title #8581
    • Accessibility: change table layout in toolbar #8587
    • Fix image path for line spacing #8596
    • Direct Label Association 8646
    • User avatar should be consistent after mode change 8640
    • improvement in filter by color submenu 8604
    • Working on following topics
      • Accessibility improvements
      • Improve ‘filter by color’ dialog styling. Filter by color dialog in autofilter gives list of color codes that user can use to filter columns BUT it is difficult to filter by seeing only color codes. Need to add some bg color in that table for more usability


Antony (Welcome!)

  • Verification of Alt tags for controls
  • Researching on implementing aria for color selector
    • Probably moving that for later and will start to work on other low hanging fruits
  • Started working on EditStyle button on Sidebar not having alt text. data.text variable empty

Michael Performance

  • Background saving for 24.04
    • Now working – but leaking files on disk …
    • Pending several push requests
    • Lots more testing & robustness work needed

Caolan performance:


  • (In Progress) : Bug (Enhancement) : “Support Power Query in XLSX”
  • (CI passed - merged) : [backport] use getentropy() for BSD systems #8591 (backported to online-23.05)
  • (Under Review) : Calc: fix drop zone indicator regression #8657 - (waiting for CI…)
    • Calc: Receive the sheet protected status #8266



  • Done:
    • Fixed Paste remembers only the first text copied after comment autosave
    • Directly edit textbox after insertion
    • Online isn’t in dark mode when system and nextcloud both are dark by default
    • Fixed impress reply undo
    • Fixed comments overlapping with scaling


  • Done:
    • Readonly view mode for Online.
      • Can select & copy text. Can select & copy cells etc.
  • Continues:
    • Replace lat & long logic with twips / pixels.
  • Readonly view mode next:
    • We will add commenting ability on readonly documents. Core side is ready for this feature.







  • No update


Forum (Mike D)

8 posts done this week.

Key Topics:

and then more from previous topics:

  • Font not preserved · Issue #6382 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • User from June 2023 reappeared to ask about old bug.
    • Writer Lists = Different Font+Font Size at very first spot after bullet.
      • Happens in COOL, but not in LO.
  • Bugs in the input interface
    • iOS + physical keyboard + Chinese
      • 2 photos of bugs added.
      • Bug 1: When typing Chinese, you get a “popup” of potential word suggestions. 1st word is invisible.
      • Bug 2: Pressing on icons with mouse broken (for example: Help > About), but pressing with finger works.

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