Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #163

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #163
Date: Apr 04th 2024

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    • Testing
        ◦ Calc Testing: 
            ▪ pass: coolmeeting 
        ◦ Writer Testing: 
            ▪ Minutes #161 doc: 
            ▪ pass: coolmeeting
Making the call shorter
    • Please update your section relating in the document before we read through it.
    • Then only go over anything we need to share / get input on
Release Schedule
    • CODE Release plan
        ◦ CODE Beta release will happen on April 4th-April 5 th → this week but it will be internally
        ◦ CODE Final release on April 18th
    • CODE released last week: 23.05.10
    • Mobile releases is in testing mode …… 
        ◦ Builds created
            ▪ available in the testflight
            ▪ Android via apk snapshot:
Attendees (write your name):
    • Gulsah, Ezinne, Anna, Attila, Pedro,Vivek, Méven, Skyler, Nicolas, Darshan, Cor, Bayram, Mike D, Timur, Caolán, Hub, Neil, Cosmin, Cor
    • Nothing to share
    • Will check the new iOS version that landed in the testflight
    • Nothing to share
    • Bugs from last meeting: shared url with password not working sometimes
        ◦ Update:  [Bug]: CSRF check failed on public share with password there is already a PR: 
    • Open in new tab by default (?)
        ◦ No news on internal discussions yet
            ▪ Pedro: It was agreed to have it as a setting
    • WASM
        ◦ For now only in development branch of richdocuments, targetting Nextcloud 29
    • Very large file access? (Michael)
        ◦ WOPI end-point not supporting range requests (Julius)
            ▪ is done for the webdav endpoints.
    • Issue affecting Android users now fixed and released in the latest RC: 
        ◦  and the fix was merged last month: 
        ◦ Released this week → awaiting for user feedback
            ▪ @Nnamani Ezinne Martina was testing: 
              Ezinne:    I tested the 3.28.0 version which was released on 13th Feb. Opening documents works using COOL
    • Reset access token: #3462 : 
    • New version of Richdocuments will be released very soon → released 3 days ago: 
    • Better handling of error messages so to avoid generic messages.
        ◦ Good if we would send more info within the response messages that we send to the server
Online activity
    • PRs without reviewer
        ◦ 8 PRs need chasing (Pedro) (a couple are test PR)
        ◦ → needs 2 reviewers 
        ◦  Font Color (Dark view) #8692 → needs a reviewer / tester
    • worked: comment size issue in online writer
resize comments based on space around them… 
Pranam is reviewing it.
    • Probably I will still work on the slide transition performance issue:
To make gif load do only most essential parts at first, and do all other work later in small parts.
    • More TypeScript in master:
        ◦ removed w2ui: statusbar, compact mode toolbar, mobile toolbars
        ◦ last patch in review:
        ◦ fixing browser console errors in 24.04, missing bits (idle popup on mobile)
    • Current, trying to fix: view jumping after adding row in calc, cell format broken we reproduced last week
    •  Various issues with paragraph formatting options in mobile view
        ◦ Accessibility:
            ▪ Remove Redundant Linkage: aria-labelled by #8676 => Merged
            ▪ Direct Label Association #8646 => Merged
            ▪ Accessibility: change table layout in toolbar #8587 => In review
                • Done some re-work and tested for all devices after removal of w2ui lib
        ◦  Add read-only option for other application in mobile view => In Review
        ◦ Hide unwanted toolbar buttons for read-only in mobile => In review
        ◦ User avatar should be consistent after mode change 8640 => Approved / Waiting for CI
        ◦ Working on Accessibility Writer: Label Without Association to a Form Element
        ◦ improvement in filter by color submenu 8604 => On Hold
    • Removing conditional formatting tunneled dialog. => WIP
        ◦ Added more specified dialogs for CF => Merged
            ▪ [24.04]
            ▪ [23.05]
        ◦ Added more simplified conditional formatting dialog menus => Merged
        ◦ Add more options like create, edit, remove conditional from "Manage Conditional Formatting" dialog it self so we can remove tunneled dialog => WIP
    • Format -> Conditional Menu Button Not Working => Merged
        ◦ Issue :
        ◦ PR : 
    • fix : Present in the window button hides only for mobile apps => Merged
    • Sidebar: style dropdown: "clear formatting" is not a style, it should be removed 
        ◦ ( ) => Pause
    • Sidebar: style dropdown: active/selected style has no preview and is misplaced in the dropdown ( ) => Pause
    • Add Animation to scroll bar => Pause
Antony (Welcome!)
    • Verification of Alt tags for controls
    • Researching on implementing aria for color selector
        ◦ Probably moving that for later and will start to work on other low hanging fruits
    • Started working on EditStyle button on Sidebar not having alt text. data.text variable empty
Michael Performance
    • Background saving for 24.04
        ◦ Working – but still WIP – patch with it disabled failing CI
        ◦ Need to get it merged & iterate.
Caolan performance
    • Worked on making SvNumberFormatter lockless
        ◦ merged to upstream master
        ◦ fixed up some rounds of crashtesting asserts
        ◦ Notably crashtesting run has gone from 3 days to 36 hours
    • Chasing multiple disjoint invalidations on changes with multiple users on different zooms in calc that gets worse the further to bottom right
    • “Watchdog” enabled on perf-staging to attempt to automatically get profiles of just when the areas that we stall.
    • (In Progress) : Bug (Enhancement) : "Support Power Query in XLSX"
        ◦ Bugzilla:
        ◦ Patch (WIP) : (Mentor: Caolán)
            ▪ will send patch set 7
        ◦ almost done:
            ▪ export missing references to xl/_rels/workbook.xml.rels
            ▪ write the -nested- child elements of <connection> into the stream
        ◦ next: add missing elements into xl/drawings/*
    • (Under Review) : - Calc: fix drop zone indicator regression #8657 (CI is green)
        ◦ requested a review -> Pedro
    • Pinch zoom position
        ◦ merged!
        ◦ Followup needed for document edge offsetting
    • Working on user list/join message formatting
        ◦ Regressions caused by W2UI replacement
        ◦ Some issues due to sizing have been introduced – I will look for where the regression was introduced
    • Done:
        ◦ Fixed Paste remembers only the first text copied after comment autosave
        ◦ Directly edit textbox after insertion
        ◦ Online isn’t in dark mode when system and nextcloud both are dark by default 
        ◦ Fixed impress reply undo
        ◦ Fixed comments overlapping with scaling
    • Done:
        ◦ Readonly view mode for Online.
            ▪ Can select & copy text. Can select & copy cells etc.
    • Continues:
        ◦ Replace lat & long logic with twips / pixels. 
    • Readonly view mode next:
        ◦ We will add commenting ability on readonly documents. Core side is ready for this feature.
    • Hide the edit button if file open read-only
        ◦ Issue – PR 
    • Investigating memory use with 1.4GB CSV file (80M cells)
        ◦ Uses 10GB of RAM. Including in LO.
    • Still Working on a Drupal integration
    • Automatic font color problem in dark mode when we have background color
        ◦ Fixed:
            ▪ (master) has problem on libreoffice CI waiting for verification
            ▪ (co-24.04) waiting for review
            ▪ Reviewed, and detected a regression when one user is dark other user light mode. 
                • Currently working on that, then it will be merged.
    • Writer: Rotation Angle tooltip "stuck" (GH#8045)
        ◦ Merged :
        ◦ Reviewed: Chrome is ok but firefox still problematic I’ll turn back here. 
    • Paused to working on Calc “Edit Current Style” gear on sidebar. Present on Writer but not in Calc.
          It doesn’t implemented on core. So I need to work on core first
    • Working on performance tests
    • As always, making cypress tests more reliable and more maintainable
        ◦ Cypress calc helper: make assertDataClipboardTable retryable 
    • New Linux CI machine: 192 cores, 384 threads!
        ◦ Something is not OK with coolwsd C++ unit tests there, needs investigation
        ◦ some of these fail – which are good on other CI machines.
        ◦ Should parallelize the make check there … (Michael)
            ▪ C++ tests run 8x wide for me.
    • No update
    • Documentation about &startPresentation in 24.04 approved, can land after 24.04 release
    • No update apart from that
Forum (Mike D)
3 posts done this week.
Key Topics:
        ◦ Calc: Filtering (in first row?) adds a big spacing gap above row 1.
            ▪ → Asked for sample file.
        ◦ "Accept" + "Reject" button in "Review" tab added.
        ◦ Added to 24.04 thanks to bearon!
9 → 9 - zero replies in user support:
36 → 36 - zero replies in installation and config:
Next events
    • COOL Day 2024 – April 8 to 10, 2024, Cambridge, UK –
    • We are thrilled to announce COOL Days 2024, another exciting and enriching conference and team building event in the picturesque city of Cambridge!
        ◦ What to do next
            ▪ Passport & VISA
            ▪ Make sure you have a valid passport for travel (until at least 11th October 2024 to avoid any issues).
            ▪ Apply for a VISA if needed.
        ◦     Register for the event: 
        ◦ Submit a talk: 
Next meeting (postponed since on the 11th COOL Days is still happening)
    • 18/04/2024